YOGA FOCUS // Inversions for Transformation

YOGA FOCUS // Inversions for Transformation YOGA FOCUS // Inversions for Transformation

FOOD FOR ALL // A Collective Movement to Solve Oklahoma’s Hunger Problem

FOOD FOR ALL // A Collective Movement to Solve Oklahoma’s Hunger Problem FOOD FOR ALL // A Collective Movement to Solve Oklahoma's Hunger Problem

MIND YOUR DAY // Organize for Surprise

MIND YOUR DAY // Organize for Surprise MIND YOUR DAY // Organize for Surprise

YUM CITY // Coming Soon!

YUM CITY // Coming Soon! YUM CITY // Coming Soon!



ORGANIZE THIS // Feng Shui Closets with Lifesquire

Our closets can often be a metaphor for our lives. Is your closet neat & tidy, with everything in order? If so, are you hyper organized, a planner … [Read More...]

DESIGNER CORNER // Accent Walls Made Easy by Beth Jansen

Few are blessed with the flair for blending brave colors and patterns like Photographer Beth Jansen, here she shares her secrets to designing accent … [Read More...]

INSTAFAVE // Sara Kate Studios

A Freelance Stylist and Interiors Composer, Sara Kate Huff's instagram @Sarakatestudios is a celebration of thoughtfully curated momentary … [Read More...]


SMOKIN // Beauty Babe Tutorial

Winter makeup starts with perfect skin. So slap on that extra moisture, concealer, foundation, bronzer, and blush. Don't leave out those brows! The sexy smoky eye is all about the rusty mattes. 1) Clean base shadow color on the lid. … [Read More...]

MOMENTUM // Styles to Move You

Rolling thru 2015 with a bold word: Momentum. As Newton says, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Whether training for that … [Read More...]

FEARLESS // Step into the Shark Tank with Jennifer Welch

Ever want to experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with our Great White Shark species? If you answered a loud, "NAY" or even "HELL NO, are your crazy?!", well I am right there with you. But the talented Interior Designer Jennifer … [Read More...]

EXHALE // Daytrip to Your Downtown Getaway

Often when Artists' give a piece a name, the audience begins to see their vision come alive with clarity. This is also true in the naming of businesses such as "udånder", an urban spa and bathhouse --which translates from Danish to "breathing out" or … [Read More...]

ALL IN A NAME // A Brief History on OM

A name says a lot. Sometimes more than you want it to say. I remember naming things as a kid and it was so exciting to experience the creative freedom to give something a name, an identity, a projection. In the branding process of this … [Read More...]

GETTING TO KNOW // Media Maven Tracey Zeeck

For those of us who thought being a Media Maven meant being an open book to the public -- enlighten yourself to the backstory of the original Tracey Zeeck of Bumbershoot PR. When you were little you thought you would grow up to be a _____________ .  … [Read More...]

EMBRACE + RELEASE // A Little Bohogypsy Wisdom

  You know those kismet encounters wherein you meet someone who says exactly what you've been thinking? A couple of months ago, after a first introduction (2012) when we both began our ambitious pursuits, hers in jewelry and accessories, myself in … [Read More...]

EXPERT VOICE // Growing Your Web Garden

Meet Erin and Tim Cooper, Designer-Developer-Extraordinaires behind COOPERHOUSE. Enlighten your tech-side with their 5 MUSTS for moving your web image / presence  forward. Listen up as they discuss virb sites + squarespace and when it's time to grow … [Read More...]


Surely by now-- you've heard of Modern Abstract Artist-- Matt Goad. A talent whose unique creations are gracing the private walls of Oklahoma's influencing population, the time is now to buy into the hype! Because the hype is real, and super … [Read More...]

AUTHENTIC MINUTE // A Short Convo with Samantha Crain

Oklahoma Indie Musician / Songwriter / Producer -- Samantha Crain shares an authentic minute with us discussing the Americana genre and how music found its way into her days.  You are being called out into the spotlight globally for your influence … [Read More...]

LEAD ON // Earning Your Position

Why would anyone want to follow you? Why do people follow you? Do they do it because you have earned it, or do they do it out of positional deference? You are fooling yourself if you think the old “do it because I said so” is still … [Read More...]


A little sage takeaway from some guys who have blazed the trails in pulling a community together thru passion, purpose and commerce. These guys are always in for the triple win and set an awesome example for perspective in growing projects. Look … [Read More...]

BRAID YOUR DAY // Working For YOU Habits

Working For Yourself Work Habits  Tara Street of Braid Creative It's no secret, running a small business can have its bumps in the road. All of us are warned of the high's and low's before we take that leap into working for ourselves. When my … [Read More...]

Tea Time | A conversation with Tulsa Photographer Jeremy Charles.

If you don't know who Jeremy Charles is, consider this an introduction. A sought out Tulsa based Photographer, Jeremy has built a solid brand around world class musicians, the music scene, advertising, architecture and a unique glorification of "Real … [Read More...]

LA STORIES // A Commercial Revisited

Peter Bedgood, a Professional Writer, Actor, and Comedian from Tulsa had a bountiful commercial and independent film career in Los Angeles. We will introduce you more to Peter in Issue2 with our Tulsa Creative Dudes editorial, but for now, enjoy … [Read More...]