LA STORIES // A Commercial Revisited


Peter Bedgood, a Professional Writer, Actor, and Comedian from Tulsa had a bountiful commercial and independent film career in Los Angeles.

We will introduce you more to Peter in Issue2 with our Tulsa Creative Dudes editorial, but for now, enjoy his funny story about meeting a Stunt Coordinator on set an action packed AT&T commercial and then check out his reel below to see if you can catch the aforementioned commercial.

Probably the biggest commercial I did was an AT&T spot. They blocked off two blocks of downtown LA in the middle of the day to shoot this thing. I played a guy walking around completely oblivious to all the fantastical action-packed scenarios happening right before his very eyes because he has the new U-verse action movies waiting at home. I saw in the script the climax was a cab exploding and flipping up into the air right behind meas I calmly munched a donut. I was curious at lunch to find out how they intended to “fake” this. My lunchtime was spent looking for anyone in the stunt department. I couldn’t find anyone and wondered if maybe they were all busy going over drills and procedures. Finally, I spotted a man putting cream cheese on his bagel, and the back of his shirt said “if you see me running, follow me and run” or something to that effect. I figured he knew what was going on the stunt department. I wanted to ask him questions about safety and all the complicated measures that would be taken to protect the lead talent. When he turned around, I swear I am not making this up, when the man turned around…wait for it… he had no nose. NO NOSE. So I got good news and bad news.

Good news: found someone from the stunt department, bad news: there’s a square patch of gauze poorly covering the nasal cavern where his nose used to be. Cut to fifteen minutes later I’m standing on a downtown Los Angeles street with several hundred on-lookers waiting to see what must have looked like a public execution. The Director who’s name was Peter as well (I remember thinking well if I don’t make it there’s another Peter here to fill my slot and then thinking “that’s what she said.” These are the deep thoughts of a man who thinks he’s about to die.) Peter, the Director, said “How ya feeling?” I said “Well…” and he sensed my reluctance to “Roll Action!” He then motioned for a man sitting in the cab that was the vehicle meant to explode. I could tell because it’s where all the attention and fire extinguishers were aimed. The Stunt Coordinator ran over. I saw his nose and immediately felt better. He calmly explained that I was going to hear a bang sound and feel a blast of warm air. Peter, the Director, asked then “Ready to try one?” I don’t remember responding. I was too preoccupied with the way the Stunt Coordinator was backing away with his fingers in his ears. “One last thing,” Peter shouted from behind the cement barricade two blocks away, “We can’t reset the cab once it’s blown up so we only have one chance to get it, so remember you’re super calm…This is nothing to you. Okay?” I saw a man watching from five stories up in a building decide he was going to close the window and go inside just to be safe. I remember the pity in his face. I lived.

Peter Bedgood Commercial Reel from Ryan Fritzsche on Vimeo.

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