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Working For Yourself Work Habits 
Tara Street of Braid Creative
It’s no secret, running a small business can have its bumps in the road. All of us are warned of the high’s and low’s before we take that leap into working for ourselves. When my sister, Kathleen, and I started our small creative business, Braid Creative a few years ago, a big part of our job (branding creative business owners) quickly became first helping them figure out their business vision. What we’ve found is regardless how dramatic the pros and cons can feel – one thing’s for sure, the perks can feel way less perky if you’re constantly hitting potholes.
So grand visions and goals aside, don’t forget that the seemingly small day-to-day working routines can actually make a big difference in staying productive, enjoying those perks,
and even avoiding the potholes. Here’s some working-day habits that seem to work for us:
There’s a reason many of us are drawn to the flexibility of working for ourselves. But there’s a difference between flexibility and flying by the seat of your pants. If you can’t get super-structured with your whole day, just starting out on the right foot in those first few hours can make your whole day click into place.  We make it a point to get in one hour of writing (and breakfast) before answering emails or even coming into the office.  The morning routine can have a lot to do with your home and family routine too. How are you divvying up the morning tasks so you get started sooner rather than later – doing what you love?
 The daily actions of blogging, posting, pinning and linking – can add up. So ask yourself, is all this time online, time wasted or time invested? How much is your work and your personal life fulfilled by these platforms of interaction? Social media, like anything else, is what you choose to put in it, and what you hope to get out of it.  Be regular if you choose to blog (it’s a big commitment)!  Beware the time-suck if you find yourself dabbling without focus. Don’t like to tweet? Don’t do it.  We say pick one or two of your favorites and forget the ones you just can’t get into.

Our goal for the new year is to only have a limit to the number of deadlines and meetings we’ll agree to in a week. Sounds like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how quickly that calendar can fill up weeks ahead of time and look awesome and productive. But when the actual week arrives, completely do-able can quickly turn to completely overextended.  Creativity thrives under the pressure of a deadline, but if you can implement a process so you know how many days, hours, weeks it takes to complete your projects (in steps!) it can keep your calendar full, your clients part of the process, and your creative brain safely out of the critical zone.

A special thank you to the lovely Tara for this post and for those of you who are still vibing out that 2014 resolution list (aim for Chinese New Year!) — see a great post by Braid girl -Kathleen HERE.


  1. Those are great advices. I will definitely try to get a fun and productive morning routine! Thank you for sharing!

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