The Backstory to the Heartbeat

Darling Magazine, a publication for the modern woman, asked their readers to tell them, ” What Makes Your Heart Beat?”

This proposition evoked a response….moving beyond the conventional boundaries of what may seem typical for a Valentines post and (former Oklahoman) Writer/Director Nathan Presley took notes. Having shot 95% of the 90-second film in 2 full days, and haven written the poetic script here, Presley narrates the piece with a purposeful punch which has brought the video a lot of traffic over the last few days via Huffington Post publishing here post Darling release.

When asked in the affirmative if this is the type of thing the world needs more of?

Nathan responds, “I think one thing the answers from all the readers pointed out is that maybe we already have enough in our daily lives and we what we need is a moment to stop and see it.”

Joshua D. Peterson is the talented Composer behind the piece. More of Nathan Presley’s work can be viewed here.

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