Surely by now– you’ve heard of Modern Abstract Artist– Matt Goad.

A talent whose unique creations are gracing the private walls of Oklahoma’s influencing population, the time is now to buy into the hype! Because the hype is real, and super creative and giving our culture an edge captured in a way that is blessed to be showcased with his mod style methods and inspired linear perception. We were delighted to have a personal tour of the piece which spans a working commercial garage, and covers the beginning of native dwelling — to the oil boom, down the line to statehood with personal touchstones of Wiley Post and Will Rogers, along with the Dust Bowl, tornadoes, graced with the presence of the Golden Driller and the OKC Thunder. Spend a hot minute with Matt below hearing about how the project took flight like Wiley and mark your calendar to head out and see it for yourself this weekend.

How did the mural come about?

Charlie Trujillo and Lettering Express had been helping me with stencils for my paintings for a couple years. They’re the absolute best at what they do! A year or so ago Charlie started having art events in one of the bays at Lettering Express, with artists and bands and the like. He called these event “Just An OK Art Show” for the Oklahoma artists and musicians at the shows. He’d asked if I’d do a mural in their main bay to have one wall covered in art year around. I said let’s do it! He and the team at Lettering Express helped me with stencils and painting the final mural! It was definitely a team effort!

Was this your first mural project to put together?
I work as a designer/creative director for Funnel Design Group and have designed some things at the Science Museum before. But nothing this large.
What are some of your inspirations for shapes used and worked into the design? 
All the art I create has a very graphic hard edge feel to it. I’ve always been turned on by artists that use flat colors such as Stuart Davis, Charley Harper, Roy Lichtenstein, even Picasso. The shapes are just a result of sketches and doodles I do, in this case to illustrate Oklahoma’s history (For Just an OK Art Show). The shapes often are representational designs broken down to their most basic outlines. Some more conceptual, for example I have a giant hand shape with red dots coming out of the sky representing the dustbowl. I like to design elements overlapping one another, this way things aren’t always evident at first and take some deciphering. People seem to respond well when they discover what is what.
How can the public view it?
Look up and like “Just An OK Art Show” on Facebook to see upcoming events. They have four to six events a year. This Saturday August 16 will be the first event with the mural. Everyone is invited! There will be other artists on display plus live music by the Wurly Birds and Feel Spectres! The event is located at 2130 W Reno in Oklahoma City (South bay entrance of Lettering Express) from 9 until midnight or so. I’ll have limited edition prints for sale of the mural as well as other pieces.
Matt will have killer prints of the mural available at a discounted rate for those who grace the party presence for purchase. Trust us folks, if you haven’t started your GOAD collection yet, this is the piece to begin building your locally rad wall.
One of Oklahoma’s finest Modern Artists of the time.

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