YUM CITY // Gameday Tailgate Foods For the Win


All right. It’s first game day! Here are five items out of many that will make your tailgate not be a FAILgate.

1. LUCQUES OLIVES – great snacks. These bright green guys are like eating a bright grassy butter on a steak.

2. PT. REYES TOMA – Farmstead cheeses vary from wheel to wheel. Toma is always very good, but the one we have in the case is perfect. Long perfect balanced taste!

3. OLLI SALAME TARTUFO – All the Olli salamis are great, but this one with bits of truffles sprinkled among the cured meat gives it a great heady taste. Very filling too!

4. BROOKLYN BRINE HOP PICKLES – Pickled with Dogfish Head IPA and Habanero peppers, these pickles are soft but pack heat, hoppiness and garlicky goodness!

5. KICKER POTATO CHIPS – These chips from St. Louis are the best chips we’ve tasted. Perfectly made and seasoned. They’re hearty treasures.

We’ve also got probably a thousand other things you can get. So come in and get your eats from people crazier about Sooner football than you are!

IMG_5510 Forward Foods is located at 2001 W Main Street, Norman. Call ahead (405-321-1007) to have a gameday platter arranged by the best.

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