DESIGNER CORNER // Accent Walls Made Easy by Beth Jansen


Few are blessed with the flair for blending brave colors and patterns like Photographer Beth Jansen, here she shares her secrets to designing accent walls that put the FUN in “function”.


FOCAL POINT // Pick a focal point wall, for me i chose my fire place wall.  In spaces where fire places exist, the wall that holds it is always the focal point, the wall that furniture is pointfully arranged!  I have found in many homes it’s the perfect space to add a lot of color and dimension.

GO BIG WITH SMALL // If you choose a small wall don’t be afraid to go with a “big” wallpaper.  Wallpaper is just applicable art so choose something that truly speaks to you!


COORDINATE WITH EXISTING PALETTE // Choose wallpaper colors to coordinate with the other existing accents in the room.  In my space I adored one of my Jonathan Adler pillows so when picking out wallpaper I took the pillow with me to pull the same colors (different patterns are A-ok!).


VINTAGE STYLE //  Look for both vintage and current papers.  Ketch design in OKC has an insane selection of papers from the 60s, 70s etc, I fell in love with the vintage wallpaper for my fireplace that was equally bright and interesting as well as spoke from a different time giving it a little more meaning.

ENJOY THE PROCESS //  It’s meant to create emotion, a talking point, an artful statement.  Don’t be afraid to go with something that isn’t timeless – it’s just a wall, you can ALWAYS change it
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