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A Freelance Stylist and Interiors Composer, Sara Kate Huff’s instagram @Sarakatestudios is a celebration of thoughtfully curated momentary adventures.
 How long have you been on IG? (Do you think being an early adopter gave you any more advantages to a larger following?)
I have been on Instagram for over three years and joined the day after graduating college. I skipped my graduation ceremony in favor of going to some magazine parties in NYC and downloaded it that day after hearing about it from a friend. It was actually the perfect time to start documenting my adventure – I had no idea what I getting into as a freelance stylist.   It has been an interesting three years and I love that I have images to show me the journey. I wouldn’t say being early to IG added to my followers as most of them have really grown over the last year.
Your feed works seamlessly with your brand — any tips for others on how to best curate their feed?

Well, thank you for saying so. I really have grown my brand out of things that I love and want it to always remain personal. I share bits of my life and travels as well as projects which I find is a nice mix. I am not a big box retailer… I am a twenty-something who is building her business and trying to figure out life as well. As far as curating goes, two years ago I made a New Years Resolution to take a photo a day and it was a personal challenge that I was excited to embark on. Composition and balance are very important in my business , not only with documenting my work but also styling for projects, and was something I wanted to improve upon. It’s funny because there are days when I hate the image I capture but have forced myself to post anyways. You learn from your shortcomings and the only way to sharpen yourself in something creative is to learn by doing.

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Some people may not feel that comfortable sharing selfies or their surroundings on a daily basis — is this something you have encountered and learned to work around?
I am really not one for selfies, although I post an occasional photo of myself. I much prefer to share the things that I am inspired by… I enjoy capturing my surroundings and sharing a piece of my day whether it is a lovely place I discovered on a trip or flowers from our local market. I know a while back there was a movement called “quit instagramming your beautiful life” and it was very perplexing to me. For me, and I’m sure for all of us, sometimes life can be difficult or mundane… I think that recognizing and capturing those beautiful moments that you want to remember are important.
Any tips on making friends via IG?
I have made some lovely friends from instagram and most of which are in similar professions to me. I have some designers and stylists that I e-mail with occasionally, some that I have even gotten together with, that have been such an encouragement to get to know. I have sent, and received, e-mails that begin by saying “Hello, I think you do great work and I just wanted you to know that.” I know often times if someone is in the same field there can often be a feeling of competition or scarcity, but I have found that those people have often been my sanity. My advice? These are the people who have the same lifestyle and interests as you – they are your kindred spirits, and treat them as such. 

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