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Our closets can often be a metaphor for our lives. Is your closet neat & tidy, with everything in order? If so, are you hyper organized, a planner and early to all of your appointments? On the opposite, is your closet a mess where you can’t see the floors anymore due to mounds of shoes & clothes, thrown about? If so, are you constantly running behind and does life seem chaotic to you? This is such a simple fix! By just changing the landscape of your closet, you will find your mornings run smoother and your days begin less stressful and more organized. Here are a few tips how to organize your closet in a short amount of time:

1 //  CLEAR THE FLOOR: When your floor is clear, your mind becomes clear. You can see things. You feel like you have space to move. Create a space for the things that are on the floor, for example:

— MAKE ADEQUATE SPACE FOR LAUNDRY: Keep separate bins for blacks, whites and dry cleaning for ease later.

— BUY SHOE RACKS + SHELVES: Keep your shoes on the racks. Don’t kick off your heels and leave them there. Take the few extra seconds (literally seconds) and put them back where they belong.

— NO MORE WIRE HANGERS: If they are wire hangers, recycle them – all dry cleaners take them back. Invest in a consistent hanger, either wooden or covered, Bed Bath and Beyond has a multitude of options.

2 // REMOVE ALL ITEMS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GETTING DRESSED: A lot of times our closets become storage units for kids toys, paperwork we don’t know what to do with, luggage, etc. There are ways around this but first you must separate all of the items that don’t belong into groups. If there is a better place for them in the house (i.e. the kids toys belong in the kids rooms, paperwork belongs in an office or command center, etc.) put them there. Make your closet a tranquil setting to get ready in the morning in.

3 // CONDUCT AN HONEST PURGE: Are you holding on to a pair of jeans you’re hoping to fit into one day? All that is doing is making you depressed. Instead, treat yourself to a new pair that fit great and you can wear now AFTER you have organized your space! If you are unsure about an item, turn the hanger the opposite direction than the rest. After 3 months if the hanger hasn’t made its way around, purge that item — you aren’t going to wear it. Take the clothes to a charity that supports women getting back in the work force – Dressed for Success is a great example! Use your purged clothes to help someone to get back on their feet!

4 // STAY ON TOP OF IT: When you take off your clothes from the day, hang them up or put them in the laundry basket. Find a good system and stick with it by doing a little every day. If you organize as you go, things won’t get out of hand and you will find your days just begin to run smoother!


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