ALL IN A NAME // A Brief History on OM


A name says a lot. Sometimes more than you want it to say. I remember naming things as a kid and it was so exciting to experience the creative freedom to give something a name, an identity, a projection.

In the branding process of this publication, the name was the first thing to happen. At the time, I was working as a Contributing Photographer in Commercial and Family / Lifestyle Publications, while being the mother of a toddler. It was 6 years ago in facebook time, when we were all discovering friends from the many diverse chapters of the past, and piecing together how all the connections were somehow magically interwoven. I noticed that my peers were some of the best of the best in what they did, in their respective industries locally and across –Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York which lead me to the realization –I was super blessed to be connected to an amazing lot of talent across the state and country. And that talent had roots from Oklahoma. At that time, working as a Freelancer, I learned that my true style was different than the local editorial market I was serving. There were none, if few, publications which offered the design aesthetic or editorial inspired storytelling with which I was more attuned. The original idea was a spark of excitement, nothing more than a flash of possibility, immature until recently…but really, the idea grew, as I grew as a Mother. The compassion and unconditional learnings as a mother, offered lessons in understanding, coupled with the desire to share ideas and innovative perspectives within the culture, as well to grow the pride that was unattainable in any other role.

From there– the name, OKIEMAMA came.

Upon launching Issue 1, Manifest West in 2012, the name grew to be the independent mother, the renaissance figurehead of pride and style, a metaphorical Native Mama. As my interests as the Editor grew to celebrate the people in the satellite, her offerings of those people’s unique stories came about. There was also the realization that the younger folk and post collegiates would need some inspiration to want to build a modern life here, and cultivate careers they may have coveted amongst those in the reigning creative hubs of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. With authentic cooperative efforts, I believed we could create change in our fashion, forward living and designer communities. Within the emerging landscape, I saw more homes being designed in modern and sustainable formats, more opportunities to grow our production scape in the video–new media arts, and an overall opportunity to engage the cutting edge retailers in celebratory fashion… And I wanted to ride into that brave frontier without the rules of a traditional media or publication platform, with a philosophy to celebrate and contribute to the overall cultural dynamic.

It is my hope as the Founder and Editor that you find relevancy and enjoyment in our overall mission and experience.


Written with love for this culture by EIC // Aimee Tietze Adams

Model // Style Editor: Courtney Compton Benattar

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