EXHALE // Daytrip to Your Downtown Getaway


Often when Artists’ give a piece a name, the audience begins to see their vision come alive with clarity. This is also true in the naming of businesses such as “udånder”, an urban spa and bathhouse –which translates from Danish to “breathing out” or simply “exhale”.  Founded by Entrepreneurs Katie O’Brien and Andrea Mason with the intention to do for guests just that, as well as become  “A place where people could come to unwind and simply relax.” Udånder also offers the opportunity to press reset on your day or take a daytrip to break away from the oh too normal routine.


With a modern conceptual layout where industrial meets luxury, udånder breathes a resort like atmosphere into OKC’s own concrete jungle.


Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian spas and girl trips taken by the Founders — these soaking tubs offer a private moment of relaxation with modern zazen style reflection. The baths can be infused with aromatic oils for healthful benefits or guests can also add on their exclusive Indie Lee skincare line for a special spa mask while soaking, to make the most of their holistic self care experience.


After a quick 15 minute natural detox in the white aspen cedar sauna or stunning steam room, guests are invited to refuel with a cup of tea that warms, or a healthful snack selection for a mere $3.


Keeping things simple was embedded in the concept, and experience and was extended to the menu of offerings via udånder. Offering facials, and massages in 30-60 minute increments or longer, as well as bath soaks, separately from steam or sauna use. Another option is a traditional copper foot bath with fresh rosemary, which almost takes you to the Scandinavian farm with it’s subtle nostalgic play on the senses. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Executive, Super Mom or Dad, Athlete, Go-Getter, or in some cases, all of the above–udånder offers one hour and beyond for all people to press pause on the outer happenings of life. Be prepared to be inspired and walk away with a relaxed perspective. There’s more than one reason Scandinavians are consistently ranked some of the happiest people in the world–they know how to stop and breathe.

More on udånder and its Founder’s story coming soon in ISSUE 4 // The Beauty Within.

To learn more about Gender times of service and pricing on all offerings, check out their stunning website HERE designed by COOPERHOUSE.

Photography + Story by Editor In Chief — Aimee Tietze Adams

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