YOGA FOCUS // Inversions for Transformation


Sirsasana (headstand) is a transformational posture. 
Anytime we are looking for transformation in our life’s it is helpful to start by shifting our perspective. And there is no better way to shift our perspective energetically and mentally than to shift our perspective physically and get upside down.


Inversions are certainly one of my favorite things about the practice of yoga asana. Practicing inversions in yoga offer physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing and support. Physically and mentally inversions supply us with more oxygen to our brains. From this radical increase in oxygen supply the gravity of aging is reversed. Inversions support us in our life’s longevity by increasing the immunity of our bodies, supporting our mental functioning, increasing our physical and mental energy, and improving our concentration and memory. They also assist us in nervous system healing by encouraging relaxation as our parasympathetic nervous system is allowed to be present so the body, mind, and spirit can truly receive the fruits and healing that the yogic practice offers.



Emotionally and energetically inversions allow us to shift our perspective. When we shift our perspective physically we can eventually also begin to shift our emotional and energetic perspective. As we manifest this deeper level of healing through the physical part of our practice we also begin to heal our self-worth. Through these techniques the healing of our first three chakras are supported. The inversion practice offers us a greater sense of balance and strength in our root chakra. Our second chakra is nurtured with the practice of playfulness and the pleasure that either restorative or more advanced inversions give dependent on the practitioner. And finally our solar plexus chakra is strengthened as our will and confidence are empowered through these asanas. In this process we build heat within which the yogis call Tapas. Tapas is the process in which we use discipline to create an internal fire to begin to burn away old impressions or as the yogis say (Samskaras). As we burn away the Samskaras (old thought patterns, habits, and behaviorism’s that no longer serve our highest good); we make space for new thought patterns and behaviorism’s that serve a higher vibration in our lives. I give thanks to these ancient postures and how they have blessed me in my life. I invite you to get on your mat today to experience the bountiful fruits that an inversion practice offers. And may you always take what you breathe in on your mat off your mat and into your life’s.
A modification of the headstand above is for those who may still be working on core strength and balance. It can be performed near a wall if support is needed.
YOGA FOCUS provided by Catie Coon of JAIA Yoga (formerly Yoga at Tiffany’s) in Norman.

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