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As a professional client and personal “soul sister” of the AMAZING Dr. Shanna Teel, I know from experience her intentions to guide professionals are well served and tremendously inspiring. Shanna not only holds a respective double PHD in various realms of sexy psychology, her impressive consulting curriculum vitae includes a diverse corporate client roster hard to match. A warm and engaging personae, Shanna Teel is the total package when it comes to delivering mindful advice.

When I caught wind of Shanna’s endeavors to launch a “leadership” concept to the OKC community, I nodded in agreement towards the excellent myriad of wisdom and enlightening day-to-day lifestyle constants she is more than well suited to “actualize” within the community. Leadwell blends the approach of a modern professional seminar with a private workshop designed to help guests fulfill new goals in stress management, and overall lifestyle balance.

Shanna brings fascinating discussions among a dialogue rooted in neurosciences melded with whole life centered practices that will entice and reach the center utmost purpose of every human who is reaching for more… out of life. With a panel of inspirational speakers, a cooking class, all via the facilitation of Dr. Teel’s positive programming, Leadwell aims to redefine how one views success by enlivening the basic yet practical principles for better living. Regardless of profession or leadership aspirations, she has a solid plan for those willing to invest in their utmost important asset; themselves. Shanna shares an authentic truthful aligning guidepost — believing in yourself is linked to your proven ability to become who you ultimately want to be.

In linking health and performance, Dr. Teel outlines simple strategies she has learned along her journey, personal and professional to achieve a new perspective of “success”. With a tested and proven approach to overall wellness and productivity, she brings warmth and desire to cultivate a community of people; who by caring healthily for themselves create a unified positive voice which expands influence. This community is made of executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, business owners, all professionals who aspire to continue developing toward their best self.

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A day dedicated to health and wellness, stress reduction by way of integrated tools¬† and leadership success is a solid investment of $245. Dr. Teel’s private and corporate clients invest thousands of dollars for the opportunity to receive her professional guidance towards finding the work / life balance. A day at Leadwell OKC is a chance to honor yourself and step into the space of realigning your needs and fueling your purpose forward.

As Shanna reiterates, “LeadWell is a place for OKC’s best professionals, influencers and leaders to begin to re-define health, happiness, creativity, productivity and success”.
Join us this Friday, May 20th at 8am in downtown Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District at the CHK/Central Boathouse, 732 Riversport Drive.

Read more about Dr. Shanna HERE.


Written and Photographed by Editor / Photographer Aimee Tietze Adams



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