LEADWELL // Grow Your Awesome Factor


As a professional client and personal “soul sister” of the AMAZING Dr. Shanna Teel, I know from experience her intentions to guide professionals are well served and tremendously inspiring. Shanna not only holds a respective double PHD in various realms of sexy psychology, her impressive consulting curriculum vitae includes a diverse corporate client roster hard to match. A warm and engaging personae, Shanna Teel is the total package when it comes to delivering mindful advice.

When I caught wind of Shanna’s endeavors to launch a “leadership” concept to the OKC community, I nodded in agreement towards the excellent myriad of wisdom and enlightening day-to-day lifestyle constants she is more than well suited to “actualize” within the community. Leadwell blends the approach of a modern professional seminar with a private workshop designed to help guests fulfill new goals in stress management, and overall lifestyle balance.

Shanna brings fascinating discussions among a dialogue rooted in neurosciences melded with whole life centered practices that will entice and reach the center utmost purpose of every human who is reaching for more… out of life. With a panel of inspirational speakers, a cooking class, all via the facilitation of Dr. Teel’s positive programming, Leadwell aims to redefine how one views success by enlivening the basic yet practical principles for better living. Regardless of profession or leadership aspirations, she has a solid plan for those willing to invest in their utmost important asset; themselves. Shanna shares an authentic truthful aligning guidepost — believing in yourself is linked to your proven ability to become who you ultimately want to be.

In linking health and performance, Dr. Teel outlines simple strategies she has learned along her journey, personal and professional to achieve a new perspective of “success”. With a tested and proven approach to overall wellness and productivity, she brings warmth and desire to cultivate a community of people; who by caring healthily for themselves create a unified positive voice which expands influence. This community is made of executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, business owners, all professionals who aspire to continue developing toward their best self.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.04.00 PM

A day dedicated to health and wellness, stress reduction by way of integrated tools  and leadership success is a solid investment of $245. Dr. Teel’s private and corporate clients invest thousands of dollars for the opportunity to receive her professional guidance towards finding the work / life balance. A day at Leadwell OKC is a chance to honor yourself and step into the space of realigning your needs and fueling your purpose forward.

As Shanna reiterates, “LeadWell is a place for OKC’s best professionals, influencers and leaders to begin to re-define health, happiness, creativity, productivity and success”.
Join us this Friday, May 20th at 8am in downtown Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District at the CHK/Central Boathouse, 732 Riversport Drive.

Read more about Dr. Shanna HERE.


Written and Photographed by Editor / Photographer Aimee Tietze Adams



YOGA FOCUS // Inversions for Transformation


Sirsasana (headstand) is a transformational posture. 
Anytime we are looking for transformation in our life’s it is helpful to start by shifting our perspective. And there is no better way to shift our perspective energetically and mentally than to shift our perspective physically and get upside down.


Inversions are certainly one of my favorite things about the practice of yoga asana. Practicing inversions in yoga offer physical, mental, emotional, and energetic healing and support. Physically and mentally inversions supply us with more oxygen to our brains. From this radical increase in oxygen supply the gravity of aging is reversed. Inversions support us in our life’s longevity by increasing the immunity of our bodies, supporting our mental functioning, increasing our physical and mental energy, and improving our concentration and memory. They also assist us in nervous system healing by encouraging relaxation as our parasympathetic nervous system is allowed to be present so the body, mind, and spirit can truly receive the fruits and healing that the yogic practice offers.



Emotionally and energetically inversions allow us to shift our perspective. When we shift our perspective physically we can eventually also begin to shift our emotional and energetic perspective. As we manifest this deeper level of healing through the physical part of our practice we also begin to heal our self-worth. Through these techniques the healing of our first three chakras are supported. The inversion practice offers us a greater sense of balance and strength in our root chakra. Our second chakra is nurtured with the practice of playfulness and the pleasure that either restorative or more advanced inversions give dependent on the practitioner. And finally our solar plexus chakra is strengthened as our will and confidence are empowered through these asanas. In this process we build heat within which the yogis call Tapas. Tapas is the process in which we use discipline to create an internal fire to begin to burn away old impressions or as the yogis say (Samskaras). As we burn away the Samskaras (old thought patterns, habits, and behaviorism’s that no longer serve our highest good); we make space for new thought patterns and behaviorism’s that serve a higher vibration in our lives. I give thanks to these ancient postures and how they have blessed me in my life. I invite you to get on your mat today to experience the bountiful fruits that an inversion practice offers. And may you always take what you breathe in on your mat off your mat and into your life’s.
A modification of the headstand above is for those who may still be working on core strength and balance. It can be performed near a wall if support is needed.
YOGA FOCUS provided by Catie Coon of JAIA Yoga (formerly Yoga at Tiffany’s) in Norman.

SMOKIN // Beauty Babe Tutorial


Winter makeup starts with perfect skin. So slap on that extra moisture, concealer, foundation, bronzer, and blush. Don’t leave out those brows!
The sexy smoky eye is all about the rusty mattes.
1) Clean base shadow color on the lid. Keep it blended and smooth.
2) Take black or chocolate gel liner apply thick line following the full extension of your lash line, while it is still damp take empty liner brush and smudge away.
Blending the liner to a sexy smokey finish.
3) Use a little of your brow shadow color and pop a little liner below your lower lash line.
4)  Apply 3-5 coats of your fave smokey mascara and call it a day babes.
Love this look shown with creamy nude lip or pop it up for fun with a plum or wine shade to really bring the deep winter look alive.
This beauty tutorial provided by Beauty Editor: Chelsey Ann Cobbs and special thanks to natural beauty Whitney Womack of The Herban Fortress  for being our model.

MOMENTUM // Styles to Move You

Recently Updated10-001

Rolling thru 2015 with a bold word: Momentum.

As Newton says, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Whether training for that half-marathon, or jumping into a yoga or barre challenge, these pieces can carry you from cross training in the spin room to your detoxifying flow class.

Style Editor, Courtney Benattar, a certified Spin Instructor in Los Angeles, shares her favorite pieces to bring a little personality to your workout momentum.

1. FitBit — The FitBit Flex is a tech-trend that will only see a boost in 2015 –becoming an all around the clock Personal Trainer for $99. Recording calories burned, and mileage trekked, it also monitors sleep and provides insightful feedback for overall better living and wellness.

2. Nike is nailing it with this crossover zip jacket for to and fro activity.

3. For a little matchy punch with our funky #5s — of course they’re RayBans.

4. Who can pass these shoes up? And check out the heather grey while you are at it.

5. These track leggings from Onzie are rock star worthy for your entire day.

6. Life needs to be more — like play, so wear this to remind you.

7. Get your ladies in full position to let your body move, this was selected for high impact.

8. Bring on the Sandman and rock out hard with this tee.

9. Lipgloss, because — why not? Shown in kissyfit.


YOGA FOCUS // January


 // RENEWAL //

To bring a deeper sense of focus to the New Year and an ultimate sense of renewal I benefit mostly from sitting in meditation each morning before I start my day.
It doesn’t need to be 2 hours of meditative practice to make a difference on your overall outlook, perspective, and mindfulness.
Set aside atleast 10 minutes in the morning as a ritual to center your thoughts, focus on your breath, and allow a mantra to find you.



                         Special thank you to our YOGA by the month series sponsored by the talents of Catie Coon

 Yoga at Tiffany’s in Norman.

WESTERN SCOUT // Irene’s Beauty Basics


Meet the fabulous Irene, Mother and Manager of the Teen Entreprenuer  behind Honestly Margo, and Blogger at the OP Life. Living an intentional life or “On Purpose” is the inspiration that drives her blog. “I’ve evolved, and my blog has been the vehicle for me to share my passions and my life’s experiences and I hope to inspire others to evolve and live ON PURPOSE as well.”

Fun fact, tidbit, anecdote that gives us a little peak at Irene:
“I’m an open book, so this is tricky.” This self-proclaimed slot machine junkie, loves to hit the casinos. (wearing her designer wedges vs. flip flops of course!)

Favorite thing about OKC Living:
Everyone is so friendly!

Karaoke go-to song:
Nope. Never. Would not happen but we’re told you’ll see her singing and dancing in the privacy of her car!

Why you love Western Ave:
“Spending time on Western Ave. reminds me of the sitcom Cheers, it’s a place where everybody knows your name.” A warm & friendly atmosphere where friends, neighbors and retailers all get to know each other. (We can assure Irene we’re also “always glad she came”)

Top stops on Western Ave:
It was so hard for her to pick just a few, but when pressed Irene says Whole Foods Market for sure, Earl’s BBQ, Tuckers and my newest favorite, All About Cha.

Why she’s most excited to start “Scouting”:
Being able to share all the cool & fun things to do right here in our OKC backyard! It’s THE hot & happening street that has it all!

If Western Ave. could add one perfect thing to the district what would it be & why:
The only thing missing to our mix of great businesses is a local drugstore, we’d all love to see that!


Below you will find Irene’s TOP Scout picks selected under the theme and influence of upcoming Issue4 — The Beauty Within.

Here she shares some basic elements to get straight before going in for your blow out or facial–Ways to bring beauty to yourself in the calm of your abode from the diverse district of Western Avenue.


Recently Updated4-001

1. RAY BANS — pink tint // CK and COMPANY

“Wearing a great pair of sunglasses that you love I think always gives us a boost of confidence.  That extra boost makes us feel more beautiful.”

2. KAI bubble bath // THE MAKEUP BAR

“This Kai Bathing Bubbles is the perfect answer to end a day of busy-ness and hecticness.  I love the scent of this Kai because it’s so clean and fresh and smells like summer.”

3. FRETTE sheets // KS DESIGNS

“Nothing is better than a good night’s rest.  When you sleep well, the next day you wake up and feel refreshed and ready to take on the day’s adventures.  These Frette sheets have got to be one of my favorite things ever.”


“A wonderful candle can make my surroundings feel like a spa.”


“Silk pillow cases are said to keep your hair coiffed and minimize wrinkles.  And besides, what’s more wonderful feeling than the feeling of silk against your skin? Hello beautiful!”


“These yummy lip balms are the perfect thing to give my lips the pop of moisture they need AND they smell wonderful.  I love them because they’re so slim and perfect for my car, my purse, my desk, my nightstand, and the story behind it is even more special.”

Irene Gianos

Twitter: @IreneGianos

*Facebook: TheOPLife

*Instagram: IreneGianos

Pinterest: IreneGianos

Blog URL: TheOPLIfe


FASHION INSIDER // Makeup Artist + Model Chelsey Cobbs Visit to NYFW

Another Fashion Insider from local talent getting familiar with the scores of happenings which surround New York Fashion Week. Having heard a local Stylist and Set Decorators behind the scenes, we now visit with Makeup Artist and Model Chelsey Cobbs on her goals moving into the experience and the moments she savored from her first epic trek.
Quick Bio:
Bobbi Brown Makeup Artist, Model, Mommy
I’m a makeup artist with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics out of NYC.
I am fortunate enough to get to work on photo shoots, runway shows, weddings, and assist my clients at our Dillards location in OKC.
It gives me great flexibility and freedom to hit my creative side.
There is so much growth going, OKC is on fire for new looks, fashion and boundaries. Being behind the scenes of the shoot has always been my comfort zone and the past few years that has been pushed to jumping in front of the lens: Gretta Sloane and Liberte have been few of my favorites to work for since they are not only clients but I love shopping there as well. From lip stick to eye browns makeup is something i have found a true passion for… for the first time in my life i feel that i am doing exactly what i was meant to do.
Goal in NYFW:
This is was my first trip to NYFW. My goal was to watch and learn.
I went with two focuses: lay a foundation for makeup work next spring, and assist my darling friend Jacquelyn Ruth buying for Gretta Sloane.
Buying for a store of that caliber is a big task and she nailed it. You have to have an eye for your client, yet give them a push into this seasons trends.
There is so much that goes into that job alone and I was impressed, for sure.
The perfect military jacket, hot new wine lipstick, and Yanks hat for my son Lundy!



Showrooms Faves:

Rag and Bone
Alexander Wang
Marissa Webb
Rebecca Minkoff
Mara Hoffman
 Fave designer:
Marissa Webb– I am absolutely obsessed.
She embodies everything I love about fashion: tailored, fun, grungy jeans, androgynous with a polished twist!
 Fave Moment:
1) Meeting said favorite designer: she knows her stuff, yet is kind and an absolute blast to work with. I could follow her around all day.
2) Going to the one and only Bobbi Brown studio! Got to see where the real magic happens, sit in my bosses desk. From the dark wood paneling to hot pink accents– it was a dream come true.
Staying focused– so much to see and remember.
Keeping the client in mind and our market here in OKC.
Jacquelyn Ruth has it figured out and totally nailed next season for Gretta Sloane.
I just walked around taking good notes.
Photo credits to the lovely Chelsey from her adventure and her professional photo provided by the uber talented Todd Scott Ballje of Beautiful Day Images.

Rebel Tastemaker | Hot In Here…



Well, this summer has been the best EVER in regards to restoring friendly temps, and for awhile there San Francisco was getting warmer waves than our landlocked home. In honor of it just recently getting hot in here, Issue2 Closet Raid Contributor and Rebel Tastemaker Steph Smith provided some favorite summer style picks to reflect her retro and playful airy style. Check them out and let us know what your favorites are or if you have some favorite finds you would like to share! Most water wear featured here is ON SALE, so with our coming back to school looks, you can grab your suit for a late summer dip or for year round. Steph, known for her love of nature and animals included a few lifestyle pieces on her wish list as well!

1. Cover up

2. Gucci shades

3. Swedish Hasbeens sandal

4. Walter Lamb chaise lounger

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs (Leather two piece suit)

6. Missoni Beach towel

7. Rocking Shopbop one pieces

8. Etro lounge pant

9. Mod Bird Feeder

10. Patagonia wave shorts

11. Gathered Dress

12. Instant Polaroid camera

13. Egg stone lanterns

14. Stella McCartney girl suit

15. Felt stone home decor



SNEAK CHIC | Spring Mix

Lacy-spring-styleDespite Punxsutawney Phil being a tad near-sighted this year, spring is well on its way here. First things first, it’s time to get yourself some fantastic new sandals and a pedi to go with them. The sandal trend that is turning heads everywhere is metallics! Sandals with lavish metal accents, holographic prints, solid metallic colors (I am personally fawning over the rose gold hues) and glitter-infused jelly throwbacks are showing up at retailers all over. They are loud, fun and a lot easier to wear than you might think. Rolled cuff boy-fit jeans like these by J Brand are really popular this spring also and are a great way to show off your shiny sandals. Throw your favorite tee on top and a light matte leather jacket and you will look effortlessly chic while feeling all the comfort of casual. If you want to dress them up, pair them with any fun ditsy floral print dress. The bold hardware of the sandal and the girly softness of the dress create a nice balance. Bonus points for rocking out some matte black retro shades.

This year when your girlfriends talk about how “flashy” your new kicks are,  just say, “Thank you!”

1. Ombre lace skirt

2. Mikkat Market shades

3. Alexander McQueen Leather Peplum Motorcycle Jacket

4. Giuseppe Zanotti heel

5. Modcloth Floral dress

6. Jcrew Vintage Cotton V-neck Tee

7. Seacoast linen plaid

8. JBrand Slouchy Boyfriend Jeans

9. Modcloth Fashionable Forum Sandals

10. Forever 21 metallic sandal (I prefer the rose gold color on these)

11. Chrisian Louboutin Druid Metallic Sandal

Lacy McCullar, a Natural Fashionista and a Graduate of OSU’s Esteemed College of DHM has stepped in as Associate Style Editor to up the local ante on translating Major Designer offerings into everyday styling solutions.

Mixed Messages

Yogi Sandi Burden gives a momentary break from the illusory mixed message programming of the masses.


I like to post a lot of things on my website and on Facebook (of course) about women and their body
image and how the media feeds us this load about what is beautiful.

The most recent ad I’m whining about is the “Strong is the new skinny” campaign. Have you seen this
ad? I’m not even sure what the ad is encouraging us to buy. When I first saw it I thought, “Hey alright!
No more skinny chicks!” As I really thought about what the ad was actually saying I realized that it is the
same old message with a new twist; the old “You are not good enough” is now paired with the new and
improved “You aren’t strong enough either” message.

Yes, it’s great that we are learning that skinny is not healthy, but this new standard of strength is not
maintainable either. For a woman to develop the strength these ads portray takes hours of weight
training per week over an extended period of time. Instead of being cajoled in to eating Lean Cuisine
after Lean Cuisine, or whatever skinny food is hot at the moment, we get to feel guilty if we’re not at the
gym developing man muscles.

In yoga, we develop strength to support our body weight rather quickly and we are able to perform
some pretty impressive things with our body. This happens naturally, over time, as we learn to accept
where our bodies are right now and learn to love who we are in the present moment. This doesn’t mean
everyone who practices yoga is going to end up looking like the girl in the ad! What this does mean is
that we learn that NOT looking like the girl in the ad is both ok and realistic. This internal strength that
we gain is what upholds us and allows us to become our true selves and not an image of another.

How do we discourage another generation of women from developing eating disorders? How do we
teach our young girls that nature has created us in all different sizes, shapes, colors for a reason? This
doesn’t mean that we don’t encourage healthy eating and exercise, but how do we balance that with
the message that our daughters are perfect just as they are?

Naturally, I think all of us should be practicing yoga. If we can get our children to the yoga mat they
will learn to quiet the chatter of the mind, to connect with their bodies, and to embrace the present
moment. These experiences will help them in their lives now and will give them the tools they need for
a content and happy future. Contact your local yoga studio to find out what classes are available for
children and teenagers.


You can find Sandi on the web at:

www.thisposeyoga.com (launching later in August)

or www.sandiburdenyoga.com

or on facebook.com/sandiburdenyoga


Check out his skills or hit him up for some awesome commissions at www.mattgoad.net