SMOKIN // Beauty Babe Tutorial


Winter makeup starts with perfect skin. So slap on that extra moisture, concealer, foundation, bronzer, and blush. Don’t leave out those brows!
The sexy smoky eye is all about the rusty mattes.
1) Clean base shadow color on the lid. Keep it blended and smooth.
2) Take black or chocolate gel liner apply thick line following the full extension of your lash line, while it is still damp take empty liner brush and smudge away.
Blending the liner to a sexy smokey finish.
3) Use a little of your brow shadow color and pop a little liner below your lower lash line.
4)  Apply 3-5 coats of your fave smokey mascara and call it a day babes.
Love this look shown with creamy nude lip or pop it up for fun with a plum or wine shade to really bring the deep winter look alive.
This beauty tutorial provided by Beauty Editor: Chelsey Ann Cobbs and special thanks to natural beauty Whitney Womack of The Herban Fortress  for being our model.

MOMENTUM // Styles to Move You

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Rolling thru 2015 with a bold word: Momentum.

As Newton says, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Whether training for that half-marathon, or jumping into a yoga or barre challenge, these pieces can carry you from cross training in the spin room to your detoxifying flow class.

Style Editor, Courtney Benattar, a certified Spin Instructor in Los Angeles, shares her favorite pieces to bring a little personality to your workout momentum.

1. FitBit — The FitBit Flex is a tech-trend that will only see a boost in 2015 –becoming an all around the clock Personal Trainer for $99. Recording calories burned, and mileage trekked, it also monitors sleep and provides insightful feedback for overall better living and wellness.

2. Nike is nailing it with this crossover zip jacket for to and fro activity.

3. For a little matchy punch with our funky #5s — of course they’re RayBans.

4. Who can pass these shoes up? And check out the heather grey while you are at it.

5. These track leggings from Onzie are rock star worthy for your entire day.

6. Life needs to be more — like play, so wear this to remind you.

7. Get your ladies in full position to let your body move, this was selected for high impact.

8. Bring on the Sandman and rock out hard with this tee.

9. Lipgloss, because — why not? Shown in kissyfit.


FEARLESS // Step into the Shark Tank with Jennifer Welch


Ever want to experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with our Great White Shark species?

If you answered a loud, “NAY” or even “HELL NO, are your crazy?!”, well I am right there with you. But the talented Interior Designer Jennifer Welch is anything but– and as you read on, you might learn a thing or two about the learned truths from the view inside the shark tank from Cape Town.


Have you always had a wild spirit? 

I’ve always loved adventure & animals.


How did the thought of this type of adventure come about?

My husband was hired to shoot a client’s game reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We decided to go a few days early and take in Cape Town.  I knew that this part of the world was known for Great White’s and had cage diving tours.  I arranged ahead of time for the both of us to cage dive with the white sharks. We were picked up at our hotel in Cape Town at 5am and drove 2 hours to the town of Gansbaai.  Gansbaai is home to Dyer Island, a large seal population with attracts white sharks. This area is know as “Shark Alley”. There was no way that I was going to be in this part of the world and not do this.


Can you talk about the preparation you underwent before diving in?

The tour showed us all a video about white sharks and basically said, “don’t stick your hands out of the cage”. They went on to tell us all that more people die from elephants, hippos & dogs than sharks.  I wore a dive suit.


How did the caging work? Can you describe what it was like getting inside and how safe you felt?

The cage is attached to the boat. They put 5 of us in it at a time. It was freezing. You basically hang out at the top of the cage, you have a snorkeling mask, but no oxygen. The tour operators shout when a shark is approaching and everyone goes under water to view the cage. I felt really safe until one of the sharks jerked it’s tail and it slammed into the cage. It was a rush. Then, the shark just swam around so slowly & beautifully I wasn’t scared anymore. The sharks aren’t very interested in the cage. They are way more interested in the chum bait and seal decoy that the tour operators move around to rouse the sharks. So, they manically move this bait and decoy around the cage so the divers can get a good view of the sharks.


Did anybody try to talk you out of this?

No one tried to talk me out of it.

However, Josh quickly decided he wasn’t doing it, so I was trying to talk him into going in — but he declined and opted to stay and photograph them from the boat.


Talk about the moments you were in the cage and your observations of them:

Overall, it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought.  They are really just curious and hungry. They weren’t chomping at the cage and trying to get us. From viewing them in the water, as well as from the boat deck, I was struck by how beautiful they are and how sad it is that their numbers are declining. In real life they are nothing like they are on shark week or in movies.



Other types of wild adventures of which you have partaken?

Three months after my day trip to Gansbaai, I went with a group of friends to Isla Mujeres to swim with whale sharks, the ocean’s largest fish. This was a completely different experience. There was no cage, and these creatures were gigantic – much bigger than the white sharks. We jumped out of the boat in pairs and swam side by side with these sharks.  One that we swam with was 30 feet long. There were hundreds of them there (about 35 min off the coast of Isla Mujeres) feeding off krill. It was a bit scary the first time you realize how giant they are. Then the fear subsides as you get into a rhythm of swimming alongside them.  It was magical and amazing.

Special thanks to Jennifer Welch for sharing the adventurous story. Stunning images provided by Josh Welch.

EXHALE // Daytrip to Your Downtown Getaway


Often when Artists’ give a piece a name, the audience begins to see their vision come alive with clarity. This is also true in the naming of businesses such as “udånder”, an urban spa and bathhouse –which translates from Danish to “breathing out” or simply “exhale”.  Founded by Entrepreneurs Katie O’Brien and Andrea Mason with the intention to do for guests just that, as well as become  “A place where people could come to unwind and simply relax.” Udånder also offers the opportunity to press reset on your day or take a daytrip to break away from the oh too normal routine.


With a modern conceptual layout where industrial meets luxury, udånder breathes a resort like atmosphere into OKC’s own concrete jungle.


Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian spas and girl trips taken by the Founders — these soaking tubs offer a private moment of relaxation with modern zazen style reflection. The baths can be infused with aromatic oils for healthful benefits or guests can also add on their exclusive Indie Lee skincare line for a special spa mask while soaking, to make the most of their holistic self care experience.


After a quick 15 minute natural detox in the white aspen cedar sauna or stunning steam room, guests are invited to refuel with a cup of tea that warms, or a healthful snack selection for a mere $3.


Keeping things simple was embedded in the concept, and experience and was extended to the menu of offerings via udånder. Offering facials, and massages in 30-60 minute increments or longer, as well as bath soaks, separately from steam or sauna use. Another option is a traditional copper foot bath with fresh rosemary, which almost takes you to the Scandinavian farm with it’s subtle nostalgic play on the senses. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Executive, Super Mom or Dad, Athlete, Go-Getter, or in some cases, all of the above–udånder offers one hour and beyond for all people to press pause on the outer happenings of life. Be prepared to be inspired and walk away with a relaxed perspective. There’s more than one reason Scandinavians are consistently ranked some of the happiest people in the world–they know how to stop and breathe.

More on udånder and its Founder’s story coming soon in ISSUE 4 // The Beauty Within.

To learn more about Gender times of service and pricing on all offerings, check out their stunning website HERE designed by COOPERHOUSE.

Photography + Story by Editor In Chief — Aimee Tietze Adams

ALL IN A NAME // A Brief History on OM


A name says a lot. Sometimes more than you want it to say. I remember naming things as a kid and it was so exciting to experience the creative freedom to give something a name, an identity, a projection.

In the branding process of this publication, the name was the first thing to happen. At the time, I was working as a Contributing Photographer in Commercial and Family / Lifestyle Publications, while being the mother of a toddler. It was 6 years ago in facebook time, when we were all discovering friends from the many diverse chapters of the past, and piecing together how all the connections were somehow magically interwoven. I noticed that my peers were some of the best of the best in what they did, in their respective industries locally and across –Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York which lead me to the realization –I was super blessed to be connected to an amazing lot of talent across the state and country. And that talent had roots from Oklahoma. At that time, working as a Freelancer, I learned that my true style was different than the local editorial market I was serving. There were none, if few, publications which offered the design aesthetic or editorial inspired storytelling with which I was more attuned. The original idea was a spark of excitement, nothing more than a flash of possibility, immature until recently…but really, the idea grew, as I grew as a Mother. The compassion and unconditional learnings as a mother, offered lessons in understanding, coupled with the desire to share ideas and innovative perspectives within the culture, as well to grow the pride that was unattainable in any other role.

From there– the name, OKIEMAMA came.

Upon launching Issue 1, Manifest West in 2012, the name grew to be the independent mother, the renaissance figurehead of pride and style, a metaphorical Native Mama. As my interests as the Editor grew to celebrate the people in the satellite, her offerings of those people’s unique stories came about. There was also the realization that the younger folk and post collegiates would need some inspiration to want to build a modern life here, and cultivate careers they may have coveted amongst those in the reigning creative hubs of San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. With authentic cooperative efforts, I believed we could create change in our fashion, forward living and designer communities. Within the emerging landscape, I saw more homes being designed in modern and sustainable formats, more opportunities to grow our production scape in the video–new media arts, and an overall opportunity to engage the cutting edge retailers in celebratory fashion… And I wanted to ride into that brave frontier without the rules of a traditional media or publication platform, with a philosophy to celebrate and contribute to the overall cultural dynamic.

It is my hope as the Founder and Editor that you find relevancy and enjoyment in our overall mission and experience.


Written with love for this culture by EIC // Aimee Tietze Adams

Model // Style Editor: Courtney Compton Benattar

GETTING TO KNOW // Media Maven Tracey Zeeck


For those of us who thought being a Media Maven meant being an open book to the public — enlighten yourself to the backstory of the original Tracey Zeeck of Bumbershoot PR.

When you were little you thought you would grow up to be a _____________ . 

I always wanted to have my own Italian-American restaurant. I would even make little menus and seat my family and everything. My mom comes from Sicilian and Calabiran immigrants, and that culture has always been part of our world. Of course, I also wanted to be a detective and play keyboards in a new wave all-girl band.

Favorite color:

Really vivid colors in nature do it for me. Bright blue skies. Deep green wet grass. Shocking pink sunsets. Red-orange leaves in the fall. Fleeting intensity, I guess.   Is that a color?

Favorite Band:

My first concert was Willie Nelson in the 70s. The last time I saw him was at Red Rocks outside of Denver a couple years ago, and I became pretty emotional at the thought of how this one man has provided the soundtrack for my entire life. I’ve never met him, but I feel like if I did, we’d ‘get’ each other. He’s a modern folk philosopher and his songs are simple and touching.

It was at this stage of your life you decided Communications / Publicity was your JAM:

I have a very chaotic brain, and it sometimes works to my advantage. I fell into PR, though. I wanted to be an art teacher, I thought. But teaching was too hard (Pausing here to thank all teachers. You don’t get paid enough and your work is among the hardest I’ve ever experienced.) Then I thought I’d be a fine art major. I realized I wasn’t good enough to make a living at that. So I finished college late, with a piecemeal graphic design degree. I am not at all talented in that respect. But I am definitely a fan of good design. I somehow ended up as a copywriter for a group of radio stations. So I started to ‘design’ with my words, I guess. Then a promotion into the marketing department there led to my eventual understanding of the communications process, and how to maybe redirect public opinion. At some point in this process, I evolved into knowing what people like and how to make win-win situations for clients and publics. I’m happy when my people are happy. That’s probably why I am good at what I do. I’m also crazy when my people are wronged, which drives my competitive side.


Number one thing you see people (CLIENT OR PRO angle) do wrong in
Communications / Public Relations:

You start to go off in the wrong direction when you lose your real voice. With clients and employees – and anyone really – we stress the importance of being proud of who you really are. And telling *that* story.
If your true story isn’t good enough to share, you’re doing it wrong.

A Personal Hero of yours:

My mom. She was married very young, never went to college, and had SIX kids when she finally figured out how to leave our father… which probably saved her life, if not some of ours. She went on to work three jobs
to have enough money to feed and clothe the four of us who were still at home at that time.

Beautiful Photos provided by QUIT.

EMBRACE + RELEASE // A Little Bohogypsy Wisdom



You know those kismet encounters wherein you meet someone who says exactly what you’ve been thinking? A couple of months ago, after a first introduction (2012) when we both began our ambitious pursuits, hers in jewelry and accessories, myself in publishing –we met again. After a discussion over the phone which felt like our energy was literally mirroring one another, we decided to meet for a quick editorial opp.

Both being truth-seeking Sagittarius, we dove into the normal Archer ways with rapid fire inquisitiveness, while simultaneously divulging expressive positions on broad cultural topics. Some of those being the trite and seeming ridiculousness of self obsessed social over-sharing, the “real deal” behind ditching that “meek inherits the earth” belief and ignoring the fact that being “everywhere” can actually cause people around you to tune out of your channel. I know– a mouthful AND a news flash?!


After shooting with every last bit of available light, we decided to carry our conversation further and grab a quick bite. Annah Chakola, is the inspired beauty behind mindfully crafted — BohoGypsy. A Sagittarius, as i mentioned before, she spends most of her time now in initial land of origin -Kerala, India. Having built a network of support for her brand and talents in OKC, while living abroad, she keeps one foot in Oklahoma, while operating as a global boutique. Offering both online sales, and commissioning her pieces thru stores in Chicago, New York, London, Austin, Oklahoma City and upcoming collections in Los Angeles, she is following her Indie Designer dream pursuit– straight to the bulls-eye.


While discussing the world problems at large, we spoke candidly on which issues we saw flourishing upon the Oklahoma front. What truth-seekers know is that change and progress are brought about via discussion, awareness and action to make things better. Annah spoke of a dear friend in India who had provided her with the recent wisdom of, “Embrace then release”. With the recent universal themes of “Let it go”, being played over and over in our social reality, we went a little deeper. If something bothers us, if someone bothers us, embrace the issue, mirror it for it’s inner lesson, hold it near and analyze it. If one can learn from it, do that and then — release. By embracing and releasing, we can sit with things as they come, address them with intention then move forward with trust. In releasing concerns, we find our clarity in how we proceed with a joyful perspective.


Annah’s tattoo reads: A Prayer for the Wild At Heart Kept in Cages.


In doing a quick research on the topic, I came across a book that is used for people who may be seeking treatment in disease related crisis, and it gave this simple advice, and offered further wisdom I found in alignment. Modern times prove challenging to step away from the media and the ills of global society to exact change in one’s individual perspective. Learning to be connected in a healthy way is a very good thing, to see oneness in the collective, but failing to realize your own needs to step away and “disconnect” at times is not. We often wait until we are sick or in a state of healing before being proactive with our energetic and emotional self.

Take a few moments today to think about how you can stay afloat or tuned in to those things that are important to your life’s moving trajectory, but also call to action– healthy habits to detach. For when we detach from the mass “unconsciousness”, we can find our happiness and bring strength and hope when returning to bring aid.

Check out Annah’s bohemian inspired brand HERE. Read more about Annah’s mindful and stylish creations in upcoming Issue4 — The Beauty Within.

Find more inspiration on how to remain joyful during difficult times via an excerpt from the book Embrace Release Heal HERE.

Photography and Writing by Aimee Tietze Adams, Editor.


EXPERT VOICE // Growing Your Web Garden


Meet Erin and Tim Cooper, Designer-Developer-Extraordinaires behind COOPERHOUSE. Enlighten your tech-side with their 5 MUSTS for moving your web image / presence  forward. Listen up as they discuss virb sites + squarespace and when it’s time to grow your beneficial to consider growing your garden to broader content management system.

1. Know thyself.

Whether you’re a small business or starting a blog, the first thing you need to know is what you have to offer. Everything you create for your site should be based on what you’re bringing to the table. If you’re an excellent writer, focus on copy. If you’re handy with a camera, share images. If you’re about your community, share that aspect of what you do.

2. Create original content.

You site shouldn’t be built on borrowed images and filler text. If you’re creating a site, you need to create content that is relevant to your audience. Use an editorial calendar to create regular updates to your site. This keeps your audience engaged, helps your site ranking with search engines, and reinforces your brand as being fresh and interesting.

3. Make a plan. 

Create a list of the pages you need on your site, and gather your content before launching. Each page should have a purpose. Think of it like you’re creating a treasure map for your audience to find what they need. Each page should have a “Call To Action”. If you’d like them to visit your store/art show/ blog — tell them. Be clear, concise, and directive.

4. Tend your own garden. 

Creating a website means taking care of it. It’s a little like one of those Tamagotchi digital pets of my childhood. Your site will die a slow sad death in obscurity if you don’t take care of it. Keep your content fresh and make an effort to connect with your audience.

5. Learn some code. 

Don’t let your site look sloppy or messy because you haven’t tried to understand the interface or basic code. You don’t need to know much, and you can always get help from qualified developers (ahem…CooperHouse) if you run into trouble. This goes back to taking ownership over everything you put on the web. Take care that it’s the best reflection of you and what you have to offer. Visit to see what the latest websites look like and try to  make an effort to stay current.

What kind of site is right for you?

 This question is almost always answered by 2 things. BUDGET & TIME.

For a lot of small businesses starting out, getting a custom, or even basic WordPress site up and running can be challenging. It’s tough to know how much to pay or who you can trust. It’s often easier to start with platforms like Squarespace or Virb until you get the hang of everything that comes with having your own business. The downside to these other solutions is that if you do decide to upgrade, it can be tough to find developers who can help you with custom solutions. We have a lot of clients who built huge blog audiences on Google and when they moved into a realm of business, had to get a custom solution which included exporting years of blog content and comments, which is also challenging.

We think the best choice for almost everyone is to be on self-hosted WordPress. It’s the most flexible system in the world and the options are endless. That said, it’s not always feasible and it’s okay to start with something super easy. Ultimately, as your business grows, you will likely need features or capabilities that exceed what’s available on simpler systems, and that’s when people usually call us. We’re using WordPress every day to build custom sites and creating unique features to help them grow their audiences and their businesses.





Surely by now– you’ve heard of Modern Abstract Artist– Matt Goad.

A talent whose unique creations are gracing the private walls of Oklahoma’s influencing population, the time is now to buy into the hype! Because the hype is real, and super creative and giving our culture an edge captured in a way that is blessed to be showcased with his mod style methods and inspired linear perception. We were delighted to have a personal tour of the piece which spans a working commercial garage, and covers the beginning of native dwelling — to the oil boom, down the line to statehood with personal touchstones of Wiley Post and Will Rogers, along with the Dust Bowl, tornadoes, graced with the presence of the Golden Driller and the OKC Thunder. Spend a hot minute with Matt below hearing about how the project took flight like Wiley and mark your calendar to head out and see it for yourself this weekend.

How did the mural come about?

Charlie Trujillo and Lettering Express had been helping me with stencils for my paintings for a couple years. They’re the absolute best at what they do! A year or so ago Charlie started having art events in one of the bays at Lettering Express, with artists and bands and the like. He called these event “Just An OK Art Show” for the Oklahoma artists and musicians at the shows. He’d asked if I’d do a mural in their main bay to have one wall covered in art year around. I said let’s do it! He and the team at Lettering Express helped me with stencils and painting the final mural! It was definitely a team effort!

Was this your first mural project to put together?
I work as a designer/creative director for Funnel Design Group and have designed some things at the Science Museum before. But nothing this large.
What are some of your inspirations for shapes used and worked into the design? 
All the art I create has a very graphic hard edge feel to it. I’ve always been turned on by artists that use flat colors such as Stuart Davis, Charley Harper, Roy Lichtenstein, even Picasso. The shapes are just a result of sketches and doodles I do, in this case to illustrate Oklahoma’s history (For Just an OK Art Show). The shapes often are representational designs broken down to their most basic outlines. Some more conceptual, for example I have a giant hand shape with red dots coming out of the sky representing the dustbowl. I like to design elements overlapping one another, this way things aren’t always evident at first and take some deciphering. People seem to respond well when they discover what is what.
How can the public view it?
Look up and like “Just An OK Art Show” on Facebook to see upcoming events. They have four to six events a year. This Saturday August 16 will be the first event with the mural. Everyone is invited! There will be other artists on display plus live music by the Wurly Birds and Feel Spectres! The event is located at 2130 W Reno in Oklahoma City (South bay entrance of Lettering Express) from 9 until midnight or so. I’ll have limited edition prints for sale of the mural as well as other pieces.
Matt will have killer prints of the mural available at a discounted rate for those who grace the party presence for purchase. Trust us folks, if you haven’t started your GOAD collection yet, this is the piece to begin building your locally rad wall.
One of Oklahoma’s finest Modern Artists of the time.

AUTHENTIC MINUTE // A Short Convo with Samantha Crain

1-MC Samantha Crain 14

Oklahoma Indie Musician / Songwriter / Producer — Samantha Crain shares an authentic minute with us discussing the Americana genre and how music found its way into her days. 

You are being called out into the spotlight globally for your influence in the genre of “Americana” — can you talk about your progression here as an Artist?
I don’t really like being lumped into the Americana genre. I don’t feel like they are accepting or supportive of me in the Nashville branch of that world. I’m assuming the subject matter or the way I write lyrics doesn’t fit their mold, or the arrangements I use on songs, doesn’t sound old timey enough for them. I’m not trying to sound of another era. There are plenty of influences I have from other eras but I’m aware that I am a 21st century writer and I think it is important to own up to that. I think what I do is more accepted by the singer/songwriter crowd and the indie rock crowd. Either way, I am an American, singing songs, mostly, about my experiences in America, so for that reason, I should be categorized as an Americana artist. But when I started playing, Americana wasn’t really a scene yet. At least not really in name, and it wasn’t as big and organized as it is now. My progression as an artist has been only reliant on a grass-root fan base, the Americana world really hasn’t championed me in any way. Not like they have with Fullbright or Parker.
“Either way, I am an American, singing songs, mostly, about my experiences in America, so for that reason, I should be categorized as an Americana artist.”
Music has been with you since what time in your life?
My dad and his brother played folk rock music together when they were growing up and that sorta filtered into my childhood…listening to them play together at church or family gatherings.
Also, my grandma, had this great free- styled jazzy way of playing southern baptist hymns, and I loved to listen to her play. I always loved music but didn’t really see myself as talented in a musical way, and wasn’t really interested in writing or playing music until I got out of high school. I became a little more introspective, more thoughtful, and this playing guitar and writing was a product of that.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Samantha Crain live, she is performing Myriad Botanical Gardens tomorrow (July 4 @ 8pm) and at the upcoming Make Guthrie Weird on July 12th @ 7:30pm. She has a free download of her amazing song, The Miner and more about her upcoming European tour here!
Stay tuned for our full interview in upcoming Issue4!