MOMENTUM // Styles to Move You

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Rolling thru 2015 with a bold word: Momentum.

As Newton says, An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Whether training for that half-marathon, or jumping into a yoga or barre challenge, these pieces can carry you from cross training in the spin room to your detoxifying flow class.

Style Editor, Courtney Benattar, a certified Spin Instructor in Los Angeles, shares her favorite pieces to bring a little personality to your workout momentum.

1. FitBit — The FitBit Flex is a tech-trend that will only see a boost in 2015 –becoming an all around the clock Personal Trainer for $99. Recording calories burned, and mileage trekked, it also monitors sleep and provides insightful feedback for overall better living and wellness.

2. Nike is nailing it with this crossover zip jacket for to and fro activity.

3. For a little matchy punch with our funky #5s — of course they’re RayBans.

4. Who can pass these shoes up? And check out the heather grey while you are at it.

5. These track leggings from Onzie are rock star worthy for your entire day.

6. Life needs to be more — like play, so wear this to remind you.

7. Get your ladies in full position to let your body move, this was selected for high impact.

8. Bring on the Sandman and rock out hard with this tee.

9. Lipgloss, because — why not? Shown in kissyfit.


COAT ENVY // A Style Storm Editor’s Collection

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From our styleboards, we hope you will not only find inspiration to warm up your beautiful self, but also direction to new Designers or Retail Merchants– in coming across a new particular style you may not have on your own.

Our Editors and Contributors have a wide palette of taste markers and backgrounds, and I love when we pull together a style storm –to get an idea of what’s on each Gal’s pulse for the season.

1. SWING COAT W/FAUX // A little animal print from Gucci inspo carried me here for a lower modified price point. – Stylist: Stacy Suvino

2. LODGE ON THE LAKE JACKET // This is like Laura Palmer in the Swiss Alps. Love it. – Film Editor: Amy Scott

3. BUFFALO CHECK FEVER // I have been seriously obsessing over buffalo check patterns this winter. It represents so many things: stolen from the BF’s closet, a little lumberjack, punk rock, traditional, retro, chich and sometimes even a little playful. This type of coat would be just as stylish thrown over a t-shirt and jeans as it would over a holiday dress. I think it is the type of coat that you could wear in 20 years if you still had it! HERE is a great little Indie knock off as well!  – Associate Style Editor: Lacy McCullar

4. CLASSIC WOOL TRENCH // Okay, we are SO on the pulse, this one JUST sold out! But JCrew Factory has one, or we say, top it off with a Topper like this one! – Editor In Chief: Aimee Tietze Adams

5. STRIPED TAPE EDGE CAPE // When it’s not cold enough for a heavy coat, try out a cape. Comfy, like wearing a blanket. A very stylish blanket. – Style Editor: Courtney Compton Benattar

6. RUSSIAN REBEL // I love Reed Krakoff for new ideas, and this cashmere wool piece, with removable astrakhan collar. – Editor In Chief: Aimee Tietze Adams

7. STADIUM COCOON // High necks with the sideway zip or not are the way to go, this was a second choice to a sold out Madewell we loved. – Style Editor: Courtney Compton Benattar

8. GUCCI PUFFER // Can’t beat Gucci for the puffer inspo this season, this matte grey paired with a lean black pant says “effortless globetrotter”. – Travel Editor: Robin Chase

9. MELLOW MOMENT // This jacket is a perfect “mellow moment” coat. Warm and simple. I miss outerwear. – Film Editor Amy Scott

10. OPENING CEREMONY // This high chic look is being reiterated this season thru the Kenzo line as well, but this one has zipper pulls for hands! – Stylist Stacy Suvino

7 SWANS A SWIMMING // Irene Gianos shares Top Gifts for Hostess Delight



If anyone knows good “hostess-mojo” it’s this Grecian-Chicago-Oklahoma girl — Irene Gianos of The OP Life.  She will send you home with baklava that literally jumps into your mouth, and urge others around these parts to drive a little faster, cause this woman’s got places to be!



1 // ON A WHIM
“One of my absolute favorite candles to give AND receive! WINK!  The scent of this classic candle defines the holidays for me.”


“This spice set from Savory spice is the perfect assortment of flavors for whatever dish you might wanna cook up.  From barbecue to pesto to chili lime, there’s something there for all tastes. Get it!”

3 // CK&CO

“The Tory Burch fold over mini cross body is perfect for the stylish woman who lives a versatile lifestyle.  It can be worn as a clutch or a cross body.”


“These sugar plumb sweets are the tart, child-like, old-school nutcracker candies…great in tiny bags for people to sample and stockings!

“Western Avenue is known for some of the best dining in the city.  So who wouldn’t love a gift card to any of these?   From coffee to burgers to sushi to fine dining, we have something for everyone’s tastebuds. “
Irene likes Tucks burgers, All About Cha coffee, Cafe 501 diversity, you know the street and your faves, celebrate!


“Old world classic fragrances from Tocca in beautiful collectible bottles is something any woman would love under the tree.”



“They are an Aveda-concept salon, that says something to me, they were willing to bring sustainable beauty to OKC — spoil yourself there or someone worthy of love pampering!”

Irene Gianos behind The OP Life is a fun one to get to know and served as a Western Avenue Scout for 2014. This post is partly sponsored by the Western Avenue Association.

STYLE SESSIONS // Beth Jansen Talks Photoshoots Made Right


So, we all know family photo shoots can be absolutely dreadful.  It begins with the styling of the entire family. You may have this unattainable desire to somehow appear like the Beckhams, where coolness just oozes through their effortless clothing selections. More realistically however,  you’re probably finding yourself lost, as you stare at your children’s daily selections of Under Armour and Old Navy clearance items. So you ask yourself, “How in the world do I make everyone appear cool and comfortable, gorgeous and amazing? ” And that is the goal right? Let me help!  I’ve done a shoot or two (thousand) and I can give you some tips on ‘gorgeous’ and ‘amazing’ or at least ‘cool’ and comfortable’.

First and most importantly, go shopping!

Photo shoots are an investment–so invest in them.  This is not the time to say, “this will probably work..”
You won’t regret falling in love with the outfits you get for the kids.  It will make the images more beautiful with great outfit selections.


Homogenous photo shoots were very 1980-1990s – I don’t remember the last time I dressed our family of 4 in the same exact outfit, so why in the hell would you do if for a photo shoot?


So bolds go with bolds (patterns and all), don’t mix bold colors with your son with pastels with your daughter!  But patterns and solids go just fine together.  Don’t fear that the floral on a dress will trump the gingham on your son’s shirt!
Allow your eye to flow up and down the entire body.  If everyone wears jeans or khakis your eyes will gravitate to the waist – where the change is so obvious.  Let it flow, dresses and skirts are perfect for girls, especially because if you have sons they’ll likely be in jeans or shorts (unless you are Scottish of course;).


I always say more is more, so this is the time for jewelry, jackets, cute scarves, great shoes, hats etc.  Since clothing can be pretty basic for boys adding layers creates dimension and interest.  And I PROMISE it won’t take away from their gorgeous faces! Same goes with styling up the house.


Unless you’re at a wedding or Easter mass there is no need to be incredibly formal, kids will feel more natural in casual clothing!  And if the kids feel like themselves – they may actually smile like themselves. Playing dress up also comes natural- so follow your wee one’s lead and it’s likely that is likely where the magic will be made.

BETH RECOMMENDS: H&M, NextDirect, Zara, CrewCuts (and when all else fails Target puts everyone else to shame with their cuteness).

Beth Jansen is OKC’s Premier Children’s Photographer, and can be booked for Fall Sessions NOW HERE.

EMBRACE + RELEASE // A Little Bohogypsy Wisdom



You know those kismet encounters wherein you meet someone who says exactly what you’ve been thinking? A couple of months ago, after a first introduction (2012) when we both began our ambitious pursuits, hers in jewelry and accessories, myself in publishing –we met again. After a discussion over the phone which felt like our energy was literally mirroring one another, we decided to meet for a quick editorial opp.

Both being truth-seeking Sagittarius, we dove into the normal Archer ways with rapid fire inquisitiveness, while simultaneously divulging expressive positions on broad cultural topics. Some of those being the trite and seeming ridiculousness of self obsessed social over-sharing, the “real deal” behind ditching that “meek inherits the earth” belief and ignoring the fact that being “everywhere” can actually cause people around you to tune out of your channel. I know– a mouthful AND a news flash?!


After shooting with every last bit of available light, we decided to carry our conversation further and grab a quick bite. Annah Chakola, is the inspired beauty behind mindfully crafted — BohoGypsy. A Sagittarius, as i mentioned before, she spends most of her time now in initial land of origin -Kerala, India. Having built a network of support for her brand and talents in OKC, while living abroad, she keeps one foot in Oklahoma, while operating as a global boutique. Offering both online sales, and commissioning her pieces thru stores in Chicago, New York, London, Austin, Oklahoma City and upcoming collections in Los Angeles, she is following her Indie Designer dream pursuit– straight to the bulls-eye.


While discussing the world problems at large, we spoke candidly on which issues we saw flourishing upon the Oklahoma front. What truth-seekers know is that change and progress are brought about via discussion, awareness and action to make things better. Annah spoke of a dear friend in India who had provided her with the recent wisdom of, “Embrace then release”. With the recent universal themes of “Let it go”, being played over and over in our social reality, we went a little deeper. If something bothers us, if someone bothers us, embrace the issue, mirror it for it’s inner lesson, hold it near and analyze it. If one can learn from it, do that and then — release. By embracing and releasing, we can sit with things as they come, address them with intention then move forward with trust. In releasing concerns, we find our clarity in how we proceed with a joyful perspective.


Annah’s tattoo reads: A Prayer for the Wild At Heart Kept in Cages.


In doing a quick research on the topic, I came across a book that is used for people who may be seeking treatment in disease related crisis, and it gave this simple advice, and offered further wisdom I found in alignment. Modern times prove challenging to step away from the media and the ills of global society to exact change in one’s individual perspective. Learning to be connected in a healthy way is a very good thing, to see oneness in the collective, but failing to realize your own needs to step away and “disconnect” at times is not. We often wait until we are sick or in a state of healing before being proactive with our energetic and emotional self.

Take a few moments today to think about how you can stay afloat or tuned in to those things that are important to your life’s moving trajectory, but also call to action– healthy habits to detach. For when we detach from the mass “unconsciousness”, we can find our happiness and bring strength and hope when returning to bring aid.

Check out Annah’s bohemian inspired brand HERE. Read more about Annah’s mindful and stylish creations in upcoming Issue4 — The Beauty Within.

Find more inspiration on how to remain joyful during difficult times via an excerpt from the book Embrace Release Heal HERE.

Photography and Writing by Aimee Tietze Adams, Editor.


HOME // An Artful Representation of Oklahoma Icons


Come “HOME” with talented Tulsa Photographer Jamie Alsabrook and Stylist Stacy Suvino in their edgy artistic representation of Oklahoma Icons of the past.

What was the basic “inspo for the show”: Oklahoma Enthusiast –Mary Beth Babcock (Owner of Dwelling Spaces) saw the fashion blog images Stacy and I have done on Stacy’s fashion blog and contacted us about doing a show together. She said she wanted to feature more female artists. We decided what Stacy and I do best is fashion, and what Dwelling Spaces does best is Oklahoma. So we knew it needed to incorporate the two. That is how we decided on doing fashion portraits of famous Oklahomans. I kept thinking about how Mary Beth said she wanted to feature more women. I thought it might be fun to do mostly male characters played by females, therefore androgyny arose as another goal. The characters are: Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, The Outsiders, Lee Hazelwood, Brad Pitt, Mickey Mantle, and Wanda Jackson (yes, there is one female).
What did you hope to Achieve: Hope to achieve a likeness of the character but also keep an element of that woman’s femininity. I suppose its a bit of an empowerment thing.
Who was involved? Stacy and I have done all of the planning, styling, etc. We’ve had Jordan Best, Tony Li, and Dana Ferguson involved in make up and hair. And we’ve had a total of 9 models- some professional and some friends.
What have you learned in putting this together? Making someone look masculine is very easy, making someone look feminine is very easy. A combination of the two is tricky. Also, I have learned that women aren’t a huge fan of stripping their femininity away (big eyes, big hair, tight clothes).
Join the Tulsa creative community in celebrating the edge these Creatives are bringing to the scene at Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa Saturday August 16 (6:00pm) -Sunday August 17th (8:00pm).
You can join the Facebook invite here.


 OM-001From Modern Designer dudes to Whiskey Aficionados, Preppy Classic Ones to Dirty Boys that need a good Valentine clean up, and walls that need to grab some inspiration, we’ve tried to cover YOUR Dudes V-Day vibe.

1. Steve Keene Album Art — Guestroom Records. Start his collection off right here, they are an awesome deal at $25 for a colorful piece of New York based Artist Steve Keene. This is sure to get him fired up! You will need to get to Guestroom as each locale has a different selection from Zeppelin to MJ, to Arcade Fire and loads of Lips!

2. Breckenridge Bourbon out of Colorado is the top selection for a new winter warmer upper. Thank you to our Tastemaker Megan Naifeh for making this call. If near Norman, hit the Spirit Shop up — they know their stuff.

3. Geneva Bluetooth Sound System— red hot and ready for you at the Modern Finds gem PERCHD!

4. Daniel Wellington Watch — add a little prep to your classic man, PLENTY Mercantile has your moment here!

5. Forage your guy up fancy for an upcoming eve with a little red chambray. PLENTY Mercantile has this in stock.

6. Have an Adventure Dude? A lot of em like that guy crazy Carl Zoch’s prints and he’s running a LOVE special with 25% off.

7. Classic Beard Balm — grease up that Grizzly with some Williamsburg and Brooklyn grooming products over at PLENTY.

8. Moonshine cologne at PLENTY, STASH in OKC and Norman and Bison + Bear in Tulsa.

9. The Push Pin debuts in Oklahoma. PERCHD has the insider on this delightful and flexible design piece made in Japan.

10. Going to need some whiskey glass to head up that bourbon, PERCHD is your place.

Of course, there are MANY more ideas, we recommend you take this in your pocket and head over to the stores we mentioned and pick up something special for your Dude-throb.

GET THIS // Boho-Chic Savvy Sweater Envy


After the Holidays, I was in search of some cozy sweaters to replace my loved and trusty Free People staple from winter 2012. I checked the Free People online store only to discover my choices for the current season waned in comparison to a piece that had become an integral part of my Fall and Winter uniform. Going to lunch on Campus Corner, I noticed a few comfy prospects in the window at SAVVY here in Norman and headed in to have a gander. I left with a poncho that will transition well into Spring and Summer, and a Boho native patterned sweater, I get compliments or requests on- daily.  As Lacy (Style Assistant) and I were headed in to shoot a couple we discovered some good news….they are having a STOREWIDE SALE at 50% this weekend and I left with a few killer deals that I felt compelled to pass on. So check out a few of the samples we decided to share, but head on down there today and tell Amanda (the sassy brunette model  below + Store Manager/Buyer)  OKIEMAMA sent YOU.






Special thanks to Style Asst. Lacy McCullar, and Savvy’s Amanda Hurney for modeling here. SAVVY is open til 6 today and tomorrow- Sunday and is located in the heart of historic Campus Corner, 761 Asp Ave, Norman, OK 73069.

Winter Travel Essentials


Few people get a chance to get out and about the globe as often as our Travel Writer and Contributor, Robin Chase.

With a job nestled in a cozy cranny of Training with UK-based travel firm STA Travel, this on the go Sagittarius knows the essentials for each season of Walkabout.

1. Gloves — Must be fashionable, warm and allow me to access technology with gloves on.

2. Hat – LL Bean Ultrawarm Bomber Hat

3. Lonely Planet Guide: I know it’s a bit old fashioned to tote around a physical book,  but I’ve got enough electronics to charge at night with my camera equipment,  music, cell phone & batteries. Lonely Planet do have e-book versions of all their travel guides for those interested, but I like to write in the margins, circle the places I’ve been on the maps and stuff ticket stubs or random notes in the folds of the book as thoughtful remembrances to look back on. The guide books have helped me out on many occasions: finding a restaurant, a place to stay, and giving me a bit of history to read through on long bus journeys.

4. Base Layer — Merino Wool Top + Long Johns: sexy merino wool spun like silk gives you a solid layer to keep on trekking. This is a SOLID!

5. Pants – for being active (I LOVE this company… based in the UK so costs a bit more, but they package nicely and use wonderful materials).

6. Second layer – Lightweight fleece: Affordable and with the high neck, Colombia nails the trekkers needs.

7. Merino wool scarf (love the orange!)

8. Outer layer – Snow, Rain & Wind Jacket: North Face gets 5 stars from everyone with this shell.

9. Moleskin journals: I like the small little pocket Moleskine notebooks to jot down random thoughts, sketches, and to remember important details of my jaunts.

10. OSPREY DAYLITE PACK: It must be waterproof, have ample space for my camera equipment & accessories, ‘overhead space’ to stuff my miscellany for any given day (wind jacket, Lonely Planet guide, iPod,notebook, pens, etc) and needs an external side pocket that holds a large bottle of water. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect bag that will also hold my tripod and have an ‘easy access’ camera pocket on the side so I don’t have to take off the backpack in order to reach for my camera. I also typically need a laptop pocket if I’m traveling for work as well.

11. Boots – Keen Wilma Lace : Hit the slopes or trek the streets, Keen knows both with this–fun to boot.

Along with these essentials, I bring the following to be cautious and proactive.


TUMS: Yep, it’s almost a guarantee that I will get in trouble at some point as I’m willing to try {almost} anything. Travel for me is as much about the exotic foods and drinks as it is the scenery, history and culture. Best to be prepared for my gastronomic adventures.

Eye Mask & Ear Plugs: Okay these are not very stirring items either, however, from a practical perspective they really come in handy pretty much anywhere I might try to get some shuteye: Airplane, train, backpackers hostel, camping in some unknown wilderness, or hotels in noisy city streets.

iPod: Music is always a necessity. A soundtrack for my rambling exploits will always bring those moments back to mind years down the road: the score to the epic theater of my happy memories abroad.

And of course my CAMERA GEAR!

One final note, and this one is gratis. It sounds cliché, but the last thing is something you cannot buy: a smile and an open mind. Part of the adventure in traveling is letting whatever comes what may become part of your itinerary. There will always be flight and luggage delays, a tummy ache, a lost object or moments of complete befuddlement while abroad… whatever it may be, the best thing you can do is let these things roll of your shoulder, keep smiling, and embrace the unintentional.

STYLE guide // Wish It Warmer


It takes a village and we pulled together a styling mob of mavens to deliver you the timeless trends for Wishing it Warmer this Winter.

Faux fur and military inspirations to wrap around and out the door with a tidy glance — chances are one of our Mavens will match your vibe to put the edge on and the chill out.

1. We can always count on Ginger of Idea Collective to bring us a little truth. Here she chose some Faux fur options, which we adore. Available at Nordstroms.

2. DROME Single Breasted (Masterpiece) gives a flair for future + decadence in color. Available at FARFETCH (another Ginger pick).

3. Editor Aimee chose the Wisecrack jacket. Loving the high funnelneck and sporty tailoring. Available at Nordstroms.

4. Abby Kurin of Tulsa Film + Music and Artdesk Mag wraps a little cozy for this Ralph Lauren wrapcoat.

5. Aimee bringing a little Danish euro edge to the streets with this chic Vince Camuto available at Nordstroms.

6. Abby summons a little more warmth with this Jcrew Military that’s a safe for every cool girl.

7. Music Editor Amy Wills has a little Amsterdam in mind (as she is going for NYE), she will fit right in with this Fay Single Breasted one from FARFETCH.

8. Issue3 Tastemaker Megan Naifeh and her sophisticated palette with ZARA love with a slight nod to the militant femme.

9. Style Gal Courtney summons timelessness with BALENCIAGA via this oversized classic tweed via Barneys.

10. Social Steph with her tribute to everyday rockstar mom with PRABAL GURUNG available at Barneys.

Of all the trends currently out, you can find killer styling deals at Jcrew, Nordstrom (under $200 on many styles), ZARA and for our more discriminate audience, Barneys is there for you.

Let us know what you are wearing this wooly winter on the plains.