MONDAY MANTRA // Mary Beth Babcock on Happiness Rituals

mary beth
If you don’t know Mary Beth Babcock, you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years. Owner of Tulsa’s Dwelling Spaces, this jovial spirit is likely the most well known cheerleader for the arts and music culture across the state. Spend a minute gathering some insight on how this Driller girl brings mindfulness into her morning practice with a ritual rooted in self love.
A quality you have come to love about yourself: 
 PASSION: If I am going to be involved in something I put 110% into it. I love how I’m affected by people who are passionate about what they do and it’s just a quality that I can’t help. I hope that more people follow the fire in their heart.


 When the surrounding waves get heavy — how do you lift your spirits or vibe to stay positive?
When the waves get heavy I plan a getaway to a very peaceful place. I also go talk with Lisa at The Canebrake! She is a strong woman who I admire a great deal.


Any rules or rituals you have for yourself or bring into your day?
Lisa Bracken from The Canebrake Resort has helped me with this. Every morning I drink a cup of hot water, I sit in front of my alter that I put together of things that are of great importance to me and I meditate for about 10 minutes. Followed by Yoga.


Advice or mantra you believe to be truth to be passed on: I say this Mantra every day:
I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe and I am free from all suffering. Advice to be passed on: Believe in your heart…follow your own personal dreams and don’t stop.


A favorite person or quote that keeps you going?
A favorite quote: Do what you feel in your heart to be right; for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” –Eleanor Rooselvelt

EMBRACE + RELEASE // A Little Bohogypsy Wisdom



You know those kismet encounters wherein you meet someone who says exactly what you’ve been thinking? A couple of months ago, after a first introduction (2012) when we both began our ambitious pursuits, hers in jewelry and accessories, myself in publishing –we met again. After a discussion over the phone which felt like our energy was literally mirroring one another, we decided to meet for a quick editorial opp.

Both being truth-seeking Sagittarius, we dove into the normal Archer ways with rapid fire inquisitiveness, while simultaneously divulging expressive positions on broad cultural topics. Some of those being the trite and seeming ridiculousness of self obsessed social over-sharing, the “real deal” behind ditching that “meek inherits the earth” belief and ignoring the fact that being “everywhere” can actually cause people around you to tune out of your channel. I know– a mouthful AND a news flash?!


After shooting with every last bit of available light, we decided to carry our conversation further and grab a quick bite. Annah Chakola, is the inspired beauty behind mindfully crafted — BohoGypsy. A Sagittarius, as i mentioned before, she spends most of her time now in initial land of origin -Kerala, India. Having built a network of support for her brand and talents in OKC, while living abroad, she keeps one foot in Oklahoma, while operating as a global boutique. Offering both online sales, and commissioning her pieces thru stores in Chicago, New York, London, Austin, Oklahoma City and upcoming collections in Los Angeles, she is following her Indie Designer dream pursuit– straight to the bulls-eye.


While discussing the world problems at large, we spoke candidly on which issues we saw flourishing upon the Oklahoma front. What truth-seekers know is that change and progress are brought about via discussion, awareness and action to make things better. Annah spoke of a dear friend in India who had provided her with the recent wisdom of, “Embrace then release”. With the recent universal themes of “Let it go”, being played over and over in our social reality, we went a little deeper. If something bothers us, if someone bothers us, embrace the issue, mirror it for it’s inner lesson, hold it near and analyze it. If one can learn from it, do that and then — release. By embracing and releasing, we can sit with things as they come, address them with intention then move forward with trust. In releasing concerns, we find our clarity in how we proceed with a joyful perspective.


Annah’s tattoo reads: A Prayer for the Wild At Heart Kept in Cages.


In doing a quick research on the topic, I came across a book that is used for people who may be seeking treatment in disease related crisis, and it gave this simple advice, and offered further wisdom I found in alignment. Modern times prove challenging to step away from the media and the ills of global society to exact change in one’s individual perspective. Learning to be connected in a healthy way is a very good thing, to see oneness in the collective, but failing to realize your own needs to step away and “disconnect” at times is not. We often wait until we are sick or in a state of healing before being proactive with our energetic and emotional self.

Take a few moments today to think about how you can stay afloat or tuned in to those things that are important to your life’s moving trajectory, but also call to action– healthy habits to detach. For when we detach from the mass “unconsciousness”, we can find our happiness and bring strength and hope when returning to bring aid.

Check out Annah’s bohemian inspired brand HERE. Read more about Annah’s mindful and stylish creations in upcoming Issue4 — The Beauty Within.

Find more inspiration on how to remain joyful during difficult times via an excerpt from the book Embrace Release Heal HERE.

Photography and Writing by Aimee Tietze Adams, Editor.