DESIGNER CORNER // Accent Walls Made Easy by Beth Jansen


Few are blessed with the flair for blending brave colors and patterns like Photographer Beth Jansen, here she shares her secrets to designing accent walls that put the FUN in “function”.


FOCAL POINT // Pick a focal point wall, for me i chose my fire place wall.  In spaces where fire places exist, the wall that holds it is always the focal point, the wall that furniture is pointfully arranged!  I have found in many homes it’s the perfect space to add a lot of color and dimension.

GO BIG WITH SMALL // If you choose a small wall don’t be afraid to go with a “big” wallpaper.  Wallpaper is just applicable art so choose something that truly speaks to you!


COORDINATE WITH EXISTING PALETTE // Choose wallpaper colors to coordinate with the other existing accents in the room.  In my space I adored one of my Jonathan Adler pillows so when picking out wallpaper I took the pillow with me to pull the same colors (different patterns are A-ok!).


VINTAGE STYLE //  Look for both vintage and current papers.  Ketch design in OKC has an insane selection of papers from the 60s, 70s etc, I fell in love with the vintage wallpaper for my fireplace that was equally bright and interesting as well as spoke from a different time giving it a little more meaning.

ENJOY THE PROCESS //  It’s meant to create emotion, a talking point, an artful statement.  Don’t be afraid to go with something that isn’t timeless – it’s just a wall, you can ALWAYS change it
Read more about Beth’s home HERE in ISSUE3.

ORGANIZE THIS // Feng Shui Closets with Lifesquire

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Our closets can often be a metaphor for our lives. Is your closet neat & tidy, with everything in order? If so, are you hyper organized, a planner and early to all of your appointments? On the opposite, is your closet a mess where you can’t see the floors anymore due to mounds of shoes & clothes, thrown about? If so, are you constantly running behind and does life seem chaotic to you? This is such a simple fix! By just changing the landscape of your closet, you will find your mornings run smoother and your days begin less stressful and more organized. Here are a few tips how to organize your closet in a short amount of time:

1 //  CLEAR THE FLOOR: When your floor is clear, your mind becomes clear. You can see things. You feel like you have space to move. Create a space for the things that are on the floor, for example:

— MAKE ADEQUATE SPACE FOR LAUNDRY: Keep separate bins for blacks, whites and dry cleaning for ease later.

— BUY SHOE RACKS + SHELVES: Keep your shoes on the racks. Don’t kick off your heels and leave them there. Take the few extra seconds (literally seconds) and put them back where they belong.

— NO MORE WIRE HANGERS: If they are wire hangers, recycle them – all dry cleaners take them back. Invest in a consistent hanger, either wooden or covered, Bed Bath and Beyond has a multitude of options.

2 // REMOVE ALL ITEMS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GETTING DRESSED: A lot of times our closets become storage units for kids toys, paperwork we don’t know what to do with, luggage, etc. There are ways around this but first you must separate all of the items that don’t belong into groups. If there is a better place for them in the house (i.e. the kids toys belong in the kids rooms, paperwork belongs in an office or command center, etc.) put them there. Make your closet a tranquil setting to get ready in the morning in.

3 // CONDUCT AN HONEST PURGE: Are you holding on to a pair of jeans you’re hoping to fit into one day? All that is doing is making you depressed. Instead, treat yourself to a new pair that fit great and you can wear now AFTER you have organized your space! If you are unsure about an item, turn the hanger the opposite direction than the rest. After 3 months if the hanger hasn’t made its way around, purge that item — you aren’t going to wear it. Take the clothes to a charity that supports women getting back in the work force – Dressed for Success is a great example! Use your purged clothes to help someone to get back on their feet!

4 // STAY ON TOP OF IT: When you take off your clothes from the day, hang them up or put them in the laundry basket. Find a good system and stick with it by doing a little every day. If you organize as you go, things won’t get out of hand and you will find your days just begin to run smoother!


Have you heard of LIFESQUIRE?

Founded by Valerie Riley, the team at LIFESQUIRE (formally The Riley Group) meets the demands of the modern family thru Personal Assistants, Organization, Babysitting, Pet Care, and More.



Brent Switft-issue3


Modernism is simplicity at its core. 

 Let one material meet another material in a complimentary way.  Don’t try so hard with paint color and large pieces of heavy furniture, instead try and implement these suggestions to bring light to your inspiration.

SIMPLICITY // Keep it simple and use a great chair in north light of a room all by itself. Try to remove clutter and find special places for the things you choose to use and live with.

LIGHT UP THE LINES // Smooth up the walls, removing all texture and perhaps some wall art to allow the lines of the architecture to come to light. Consider framing in the artwork with several pieces of different artwork, so the wall becomes the larger canvas of display.

 PAINT //  A good coat of paint can go a long way in modernizing a home. In our projects — we tend to lean towards whites and neutrals for a palette which allows the artwork and furnishings to pop against.

INVEST IN FURNISHINGS // Modern furniture is coming back in style… just buy a piece of furniture that you can give to your kids when you die.  Try out an Eames, Arne Jacobson, Hans Wegner or Herman Miller — starting here will give you a good start for a “modern meets historic” collection! All the shit at Mathis Brothers, Bob Mills etc… will end up in the trash!

WESTERN SCOUT // Irene’s Beauty Basics


Meet the fabulous Irene, Mother and Manager of the Teen Entreprenuer  behind Honestly Margo, and Blogger at the OP Life. Living an intentional life or “On Purpose” is the inspiration that drives her blog. “I’ve evolved, and my blog has been the vehicle for me to share my passions and my life’s experiences and I hope to inspire others to evolve and live ON PURPOSE as well.”

Fun fact, tidbit, anecdote that gives us a little peak at Irene:
“I’m an open book, so this is tricky.” This self-proclaimed slot machine junkie, loves to hit the casinos. (wearing her designer wedges vs. flip flops of course!)

Favorite thing about OKC Living:
Everyone is so friendly!

Karaoke go-to song:
Nope. Never. Would not happen but we’re told you’ll see her singing and dancing in the privacy of her car!

Why you love Western Ave:
“Spending time on Western Ave. reminds me of the sitcom Cheers, it’s a place where everybody knows your name.” A warm & friendly atmosphere where friends, neighbors and retailers all get to know each other. (We can assure Irene we’re also “always glad she came”)

Top stops on Western Ave:
It was so hard for her to pick just a few, but when pressed Irene says Whole Foods Market for sure, Earl’s BBQ, Tuckers and my newest favorite, All About Cha.

Why she’s most excited to start “Scouting”:
Being able to share all the cool & fun things to do right here in our OKC backyard! It’s THE hot & happening street that has it all!

If Western Ave. could add one perfect thing to the district what would it be & why:
The only thing missing to our mix of great businesses is a local drugstore, we’d all love to see that!


Below you will find Irene’s TOP Scout picks selected under the theme and influence of upcoming Issue4 — The Beauty Within.

Here she shares some basic elements to get straight before going in for your blow out or facial–Ways to bring beauty to yourself in the calm of your abode from the diverse district of Western Avenue.


Recently Updated4-001

1. RAY BANS — pink tint // CK and COMPANY

“Wearing a great pair of sunglasses that you love I think always gives us a boost of confidence.  That extra boost makes us feel more beautiful.”

2. KAI bubble bath // THE MAKEUP BAR

“This Kai Bathing Bubbles is the perfect answer to end a day of busy-ness and hecticness.  I love the scent of this Kai because it’s so clean and fresh and smells like summer.”

3. FRETTE sheets // KS DESIGNS

“Nothing is better than a good night’s rest.  When you sleep well, the next day you wake up and feel refreshed and ready to take on the day’s adventures.  These Frette sheets have got to be one of my favorite things ever.”


“A wonderful candle can make my surroundings feel like a spa.”


“Silk pillow cases are said to keep your hair coiffed and minimize wrinkles.  And besides, what’s more wonderful feeling than the feeling of silk against your skin? Hello beautiful!”


“These yummy lip balms are the perfect thing to give my lips the pop of moisture they need AND they smell wonderful.  I love them because they’re so slim and perfect for my car, my purse, my desk, my nightstand, and the story behind it is even more special.”

Irene Gianos

Twitter: @IreneGianos

*Facebook: TheOPLife

*Instagram: IreneGianos

Pinterest: IreneGianos

Blog URL: TheOPLIfe


YUM CITY // Gameday Tailgate Foods For the Win


All right. It’s first game day! Here are five items out of many that will make your tailgate not be a FAILgate.

1. LUCQUES OLIVES – great snacks. These bright green guys are like eating a bright grassy butter on a steak.

2. PT. REYES TOMA – Farmstead cheeses vary from wheel to wheel. Toma is always very good, but the one we have in the case is perfect. Long perfect balanced taste!

3. OLLI SALAME TARTUFO – All the Olli salamis are great, but this one with bits of truffles sprinkled among the cured meat gives it a great heady taste. Very filling too!

4. BROOKLYN BRINE HOP PICKLES – Pickled with Dogfish Head IPA and Habanero peppers, these pickles are soft but pack heat, hoppiness and garlicky goodness!

5. KICKER POTATO CHIPS – These chips from St. Louis are the best chips we’ve tasted. Perfectly made and seasoned. They’re hearty treasures.

We’ve also got probably a thousand other things you can get. So come in and get your eats from people crazier about Sooner football than you are!

IMG_5510 Forward Foods is located at 2001 W Main Street, Norman. Call ahead (405-321-1007) to have a gameday platter arranged by the best.

Organize Your Vibe

What are some tips for making your work space more organized? If you’re in a smaller space/cube,

how can you keep it from becoming messy? How can you make the space feel more comfortable/

homey/zen? Is there anything you should avoid putting in your work space?


When organizing any space, you need to first decide if you are an “innie” or “outtie” organized person. The first means you like everything put away and clean, orderly service tops, think an empty desk top or clean kitchen counter-tops. The latter means you like your things visible and easily accessible. Once you determine your style, you can go from there.

The best way to keep a desk space organized is an in/out tray. Pick one that is functional and can hold letter size as well as legal size papers, otherwise the longer paperwork will stick over the top making the space seem messier. The in tray should hold ALL the paperwork you need to work on. The out tray should hold everything you are finished with. Don’t leave the out tray full longer than a day. At the end of each day, empty it – file, shred or pass to the appropriate party. The key to all organizational projects is to specifically not procrastinate. The longer you hold on to a project the more daunting it becomes and the less likely you are to work on it. Also keep 3 folders on your desk – a “To Do Now”, an “It Can Wait” and a
“Whenever I Have a Free Minute”. Make sure to put your paperwork in each folder accordingly as it comes in and tackle the to do now folder daily.

If you want to make your space more comfortable and homey, decorate it with office accessories that fit your personal style. There are lots of options out there ranging from minimalist to shabby chic. Find the style that you want to look at each day. It’s also great to add one or two pictures from home to remind you why you are slaving away. But, be careful – don’t overdo it on the pictures – it will make your space seem more cluttered. Avoid making your space seem claustrophobic by keeping like items with like items. Have one space for your pencils & pens, one space for your office supplies, etc.


The best advice for creating organization is any space is “keep it simple”. Don’t over do anything. Keep what you need – make it work for you and don’t over think the rest! Happy Organizing!

The Riley Group in OKC is celebrating their 4th birthday this month (March) with an amazing special on their Lifestyle Management service offerings. For this month only, they are taking 50% off for new clients seeking assistance for over 20 hours of lifestyle service and organizational needs. Give them a call at 972-754-1381 or check them out here.

Article by Valerie Riley. Photography + Organized Desk by Beth Jansen

LIFE TO LAND // Composting Made Simple

 We visited with Asia Scudder of Native Landscapes and dug into composting on a deeper level. Once you begin composting, the process is simple and natural, with the 2 different approaches of top dressing/putting it directly in the ground and using a container to mix or till the materials for further benefits, earth lovers have a choice and simple starting point.  For more info, listen to the conversation between Asia and Aimee in our Live Tribe archive.

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