LEADWELL // Grow Your Awesome Factor


As a professional client and personal “soul sister” of the AMAZING Dr. Shanna Teel, I know from experience her intentions to guide professionals are well served and tremendously inspiring. Shanna not only holds a respective double PHD in various realms of sexy psychology, her impressive consulting curriculum vitae includes a diverse corporate client roster hard to match. A warm and engaging personae, Shanna Teel is the total package when it comes to delivering mindful advice.

When I caught wind of Shanna’s endeavors to launch a “leadership” concept to the OKC community, I nodded in agreement towards the excellent myriad of wisdom and enlightening day-to-day lifestyle constants she is more than well suited to “actualize” within the community. Leadwell blends the approach of a modern professional seminar with a private workshop designed to help guests fulfill new goals in stress management, and overall lifestyle balance.

Shanna brings fascinating discussions among a dialogue rooted in neurosciences melded with whole life centered practices that will entice and reach the center utmost purpose of every human who is reaching for more… out of life. With a panel of inspirational speakers, a cooking class, all via the facilitation of Dr. Teel’s positive programming, Leadwell aims to redefine how one views success by enlivening the basic yet practical principles for better living. Regardless of profession or leadership aspirations, she has a solid plan for those willing to invest in their utmost important asset; themselves. Shanna shares an authentic truthful aligning guidepost — believing in yourself is linked to your proven ability to become who you ultimately want to be.

In linking health and performance, Dr. Teel outlines simple strategies she has learned along her journey, personal and professional to achieve a new perspective of “success”. With a tested and proven approach to overall wellness and productivity, she brings warmth and desire to cultivate a community of people; who by caring healthily for themselves create a unified positive voice which expands influence. This community is made of executives, entrepreneurs, community leaders, business owners, all professionals who aspire to continue developing toward their best self.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 10.04.00 PM

A day dedicated to health and wellness, stress reduction by way of integrated tools  and leadership success is a solid investment of $245. Dr. Teel’s private and corporate clients invest thousands of dollars for the opportunity to receive her professional guidance towards finding the work / life balance. A day at Leadwell OKC is a chance to honor yourself and step into the space of realigning your needs and fueling your purpose forward.

As Shanna reiterates, “LeadWell is a place for OKC’s best professionals, influencers and leaders to begin to re-define health, happiness, creativity, productivity and success”.
Join us this Friday, May 20th at 8am in downtown Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District at the CHK/Central Boathouse, 732 Riversport Drive.

Read more about Dr. Shanna HERE.


Written and Photographed by Editor / Photographer Aimee Tietze Adams



FOOD FOR ALL // A Collective Movement to Solve Oklahoma’s Hunger Problem


There is a new team in town bringing “POSSIBLE” solutions to what most would consider “IMPOSSIBLE” social problems. MADE POSSIBLE is a social action community that creates specific ways to make more good possible for people and the planet, an increase in happiness of humankind being a direct byproduct of these efforts. MADE POSSIBLE’s first project is the Food For All truck, a sustainable position on solving the hunger crisis which faces over 25% of Oklahomans.

The project heroes for this social good platform are found in A Good Egg Dining Group, First National Bank of Oklahoma and Whole Foods.

  • A Good Egg Dining Group will run the truck, staff the truck, maintain the truck in other words all things truck. This beloved Oklahoma restaurant group eagerly signed up to donate time, money, resources and sustaining support by spearheading the “Food For All” program.
  • Whole Foods Market will provide the food, nutritional resources and volunteer manpower.
  • First National Bank of Oklahoma is helping secure the physical truck. Now that’s a community bank DOING things for community!

What does a “Food For All” truck do?

  1. Provides lifetime funding support with 100% of net proceeds from food truck sales going directly to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
  2. Serves complimentary nutritious meals to Oklahoma at-risk children in need every month
  3. Provides education on the value and importance of nutrition and balanced eating through cooking demonstrations, volunteerism and distributed materials
  4. Finally adds an A Good Egg Dining option to our local food truck event scene serving foods sourced from the highest quality, sustainable sustenance from Whole Foods Market Oklahoma City

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 2.48.03 PM

 Made Possible’s  Co-Founder Adrian Young’s inspiring voice of reason provides insights on how Oklahomans can pull together (exactly 6,500 Oklahomans at $5 a head) to solve the local hunger crisis.

What most excites you about this project receiving funding?  

The overall validation that making more “good” happen will have on, by and for community, is truly possible. The affirmation that people value teaming up with businesses and causes to participate together in projects rooted in common good outcomes. The fruits of believing and empowering people to connect with each other around a critical cause: solving Oklahoma’s hunger problem.

The MADE POSSIBLE movement was created to forge a social action community comprised of doers of good – YOU. We want to serve as a hub of connection in making good happen. By connecting people with each other and giving our local #WHATIF possibilities a place to live and grow, we turn social problems into MADE POSSIBLE success stories. When local companies connect to projects of purpose that resonate with the communities they serve, we collaboratively create change at a grassroots level.

“I believe in people, I believe in their desire to make more good happen and I believe projects like Food For All bring people together to create tangible outcomes collectively is a wonderful way to live in community.”


The Food For All project is not about a fundraising effort to build out a food truck, it is about Oklahomans participating together to help solve Oklahoma’s hunger problem. It’s about an effort that inserts the epidemic of children going to bed hungry into our mainstream culture. The fact that 1 in 4 Oklahoman children struggle with hunger is not a sideline topic. This is a front and center problem we ALL have the means to solve. The Food For All food truck being present at our favorite events, helps keep the conversation top of mind and integrated into our culture. As this solution rolls out, we will all be participating in building this vessel for the good of community and sharing how the impact of each “doers” $5 contribution continues to feed forward.


Or Join their WHEELS ON THE GROUND event at The Bleu Garten October 15, 2015!

Photos provided on behalf of A Good Egg Dining Group, photographed by Choate House.

FEARLESS // Step into the Shark Tank with Jennifer Welch


Ever want to experience the thrill of getting up close and personal with our Great White Shark species?

If you answered a loud, “NAY” or even “HELL NO, are your crazy?!”, well I am right there with you. But the talented Interior Designer Jennifer Welch is anything but– and as you read on, you might learn a thing or two about the learned truths from the view inside the shark tank from Cape Town.


Have you always had a wild spirit? 

I’ve always loved adventure & animals.


How did the thought of this type of adventure come about?

My husband was hired to shoot a client’s game reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We decided to go a few days early and take in Cape Town.  I knew that this part of the world was known for Great White’s and had cage diving tours.  I arranged ahead of time for the both of us to cage dive with the white sharks. We were picked up at our hotel in Cape Town at 5am and drove 2 hours to the town of Gansbaai.  Gansbaai is home to Dyer Island, a large seal population with attracts white sharks. This area is know as “Shark Alley”. There was no way that I was going to be in this part of the world and not do this.


Can you talk about the preparation you underwent before diving in?

The tour showed us all a video about white sharks and basically said, “don’t stick your hands out of the cage”. They went on to tell us all that more people die from elephants, hippos & dogs than sharks.  I wore a dive suit.


How did the caging work? Can you describe what it was like getting inside and how safe you felt?

The cage is attached to the boat. They put 5 of us in it at a time. It was freezing. You basically hang out at the top of the cage, you have a snorkeling mask, but no oxygen. The tour operators shout when a shark is approaching and everyone goes under water to view the cage. I felt really safe until one of the sharks jerked it’s tail and it slammed into the cage. It was a rush. Then, the shark just swam around so slowly & beautifully I wasn’t scared anymore. The sharks aren’t very interested in the cage. They are way more interested in the chum bait and seal decoy that the tour operators move around to rouse the sharks. So, they manically move this bait and decoy around the cage so the divers can get a good view of the sharks.


Did anybody try to talk you out of this?

No one tried to talk me out of it.

However, Josh quickly decided he wasn’t doing it, so I was trying to talk him into going in — but he declined and opted to stay and photograph them from the boat.


Talk about the moments you were in the cage and your observations of them:

Overall, it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought.  They are really just curious and hungry. They weren’t chomping at the cage and trying to get us. From viewing them in the water, as well as from the boat deck, I was struck by how beautiful they are and how sad it is that their numbers are declining. In real life they are nothing like they are on shark week or in movies.



Other types of wild adventures of which you have partaken?

Three months after my day trip to Gansbaai, I went with a group of friends to Isla Mujeres to swim with whale sharks, the ocean’s largest fish. This was a completely different experience. There was no cage, and these creatures were gigantic – much bigger than the white sharks. We jumped out of the boat in pairs and swam side by side with these sharks.  One that we swam with was 30 feet long. There were hundreds of them there (about 35 min off the coast of Isla Mujeres) feeding off krill. It was a bit scary the first time you realize how giant they are. Then the fear subsides as you get into a rhythm of swimming alongside them.  It was magical and amazing.

Special thanks to Jennifer Welch for sharing the adventurous story. Stunning images provided by Josh Welch.

EXHALE // Daytrip to Your Downtown Getaway


Often when Artists’ give a piece a name, the audience begins to see their vision come alive with clarity. This is also true in the naming of businesses such as “udånder”, an urban spa and bathhouse –which translates from Danish to “breathing out” or simply “exhale”.  Founded by Entrepreneurs Katie O’Brien and Andrea Mason with the intention to do for guests just that, as well as become  “A place where people could come to unwind and simply relax.” Udånder also offers the opportunity to press reset on your day or take a daytrip to break away from the oh too normal routine.


With a modern conceptual layout where industrial meets luxury, udånder breathes a resort like atmosphere into OKC’s own concrete jungle.


Inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian spas and girl trips taken by the Founders — these soaking tubs offer a private moment of relaxation with modern zazen style reflection. The baths can be infused with aromatic oils for healthful benefits or guests can also add on their exclusive Indie Lee skincare line for a special spa mask while soaking, to make the most of their holistic self care experience.


After a quick 15 minute natural detox in the white aspen cedar sauna or stunning steam room, guests are invited to refuel with a cup of tea that warms, or a healthful snack selection for a mere $3.


Keeping things simple was embedded in the concept, and experience and was extended to the menu of offerings via udånder. Offering facials, and massages in 30-60 minute increments or longer, as well as bath soaks, separately from steam or sauna use. Another option is a traditional copper foot bath with fresh rosemary, which almost takes you to the Scandinavian farm with it’s subtle nostalgic play on the senses. Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Executive, Super Mom or Dad, Athlete, Go-Getter, or in some cases, all of the above–udånder offers one hour and beyond for all people to press pause on the outer happenings of life. Be prepared to be inspired and walk away with a relaxed perspective. There’s more than one reason Scandinavians are consistently ranked some of the happiest people in the world–they know how to stop and breathe.

More on udånder and its Founder’s story coming soon in ISSUE 4 // The Beauty Within.

To learn more about Gender times of service and pricing on all offerings, check out their stunning website HERE designed by COOPERHOUSE.

Photography + Story by Editor In Chief — Aimee Tietze Adams



When looking for a Model for the 2014 Holiday Giving Guide, my intuition floated to the beautiful Yogi Spirit of Catie Coon.

During the shoot preparations, we talked about her guiding life principles via Marianne Williamson and The Course of Miracles, and how Catie spends 2 hours a day in her spiritual ritual to keep her mindfulness in check. She works diligently to stay in the positive flow, and be a force of kindness in flexibility at every turn. We talked about her very real absence amongst the realm of social media, and what I inherently loved is that when we talked about her taking a “selfie” to send the Photographer for prep work, she humorously admitted, “I don’t know if I have ever taken a selfie?…”

I wanted to take the audience somewhat “beyond the frame” of image in the Holiday Giving Guide to give others a glimpse at what makes this Influencer truly lovable.


Where were you raised in OK?
I am originally from Amarillo, TX and my mom and I moved to OK when I was 7. I grew up in Norman and stayed until I was 19. Then moved around for several years to Nederland and Boulder CO, Hilo Hawaii, and Austin TX. Moved back to Norman in 2006 and have been rooted here ever since.
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
Honestly, I really wanted to be a model until I was about 14. Then I was unsure until I was 17. It was yoga from then on out.
When did you feel called into YOGA as a career / lifestyle?
I felt called to yoga one afternoon as I was working at a little shop on campus corner called Jungle Jim’s. Andrew Eppler walked in and asked to drop off flyers for his yoga classes. I was like — “absolutely!” I checked it out and fell in love. I knew Yoga was my Dharma. Yoga has been my life path over the last 15 years. Yoga has brought me healing and transformation in very auspicious ways. I am Eternally grateful to be called on this path. So much love and infinite blessings to all.
A favorite quote you try to live by: 
“When you are inspired by some great purpose some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds; your mind transcends limitation, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be” Patanjali
 What do you love about living in Oklahoma?
I love being in the heart of the country. The community and people here are so full of love and kindness. I love being close to so many beautiful people that I love. Home is where the heart is and my heart is in Oklahoma.
Any favorite Holiday traditions or practices you try to have in place for this time of year?
Absolutely, I love performing a ritual on the Winter Solstice. I host a calling forth of the light ceremony. A gathering coming together in intention setting, meditation, a full mala (108 Sun Saluations), and pranayama. It’s a beautifully sacred way to celebrate the darkest day of the year and the coming of the light. At home we do more traditional practices and decorations for Christmas. We also love to share our service in Seva (selfless service) this time of year. Black Eyed peas are always welcome on New Years as well.
Introduction by EIC // Aimee Tietze Adams, Photographs by Contributing Fashion Photographer // Josh Welch

MONDAY MANTRA // Mary Beth Babcock on Happiness Rituals

mary beth
If you don’t know Mary Beth Babcock, you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years. Owner of Tulsa’s Dwelling Spaces, this jovial spirit is likely the most well known cheerleader for the arts and music culture across the state. Spend a minute gathering some insight on how this Driller girl brings mindfulness into her morning practice with a ritual rooted in self love.
A quality you have come to love about yourself: 
 PASSION: If I am going to be involved in something I put 110% into it. I love how I’m affected by people who are passionate about what they do and it’s just a quality that I can’t help. I hope that more people follow the fire in their heart.


 When the surrounding waves get heavy — how do you lift your spirits or vibe to stay positive?
When the waves get heavy I plan a getaway to a very peaceful place. I also go talk with Lisa at The Canebrake! She is a strong woman who I admire a great deal.


Any rules or rituals you have for yourself or bring into your day?
Lisa Bracken from The Canebrake Resort has helped me with this. Every morning I drink a cup of hot water, I sit in front of my alter that I put together of things that are of great importance to me and I meditate for about 10 minutes. Followed by Yoga.


Advice or mantra you believe to be truth to be passed on: I say this Mantra every day:
I am happy, I am healthy, I am safe and I am free from all suffering. Advice to be passed on: Believe in your heart…follow your own personal dreams and don’t stop.


A favorite person or quote that keeps you going?
A favorite quote: Do what you feel in your heart to be right; for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t” –Eleanor Rooselvelt

GETTING TO KNOW // Media Maven Tracey Zeeck


For those of us who thought being a Media Maven meant being an open book to the public — enlighten yourself to the backstory of the original Tracey Zeeck of Bumbershoot PR.

When you were little you thought you would grow up to be a _____________ . 

I always wanted to have my own Italian-American restaurant. I would even make little menus and seat my family and everything. My mom comes from Sicilian and Calabiran immigrants, and that culture has always been part of our world. Of course, I also wanted to be a detective and play keyboards in a new wave all-girl band.

Favorite color:

Really vivid colors in nature do it for me. Bright blue skies. Deep green wet grass. Shocking pink sunsets. Red-orange leaves in the fall. Fleeting intensity, I guess.   Is that a color?

Favorite Band:

My first concert was Willie Nelson in the 70s. The last time I saw him was at Red Rocks outside of Denver a couple years ago, and I became pretty emotional at the thought of how this one man has provided the soundtrack for my entire life. I’ve never met him, but I feel like if I did, we’d ‘get’ each other. He’s a modern folk philosopher and his songs are simple and touching.

It was at this stage of your life you decided Communications / Publicity was your JAM:

I have a very chaotic brain, and it sometimes works to my advantage. I fell into PR, though. I wanted to be an art teacher, I thought. But teaching was too hard (Pausing here to thank all teachers. You don’t get paid enough and your work is among the hardest I’ve ever experienced.) Then I thought I’d be a fine art major. I realized I wasn’t good enough to make a living at that. So I finished college late, with a piecemeal graphic design degree. I am not at all talented in that respect. But I am definitely a fan of good design. I somehow ended up as a copywriter for a group of radio stations. So I started to ‘design’ with my words, I guess. Then a promotion into the marketing department there led to my eventual understanding of the communications process, and how to maybe redirect public opinion. At some point in this process, I evolved into knowing what people like and how to make win-win situations for clients and publics. I’m happy when my people are happy. That’s probably why I am good at what I do. I’m also crazy when my people are wronged, which drives my competitive side.


Number one thing you see people (CLIENT OR PRO angle) do wrong in
Communications / Public Relations:

You start to go off in the wrong direction when you lose your real voice. With clients and employees – and anyone really – we stress the importance of being proud of who you really are. And telling *that* story.
If your true story isn’t good enough to share, you’re doing it wrong.

A Personal Hero of yours:

My mom. She was married very young, never went to college, and had SIX kids when she finally figured out how to leave our father… which probably saved her life, if not some of ours. She went on to work three jobs
to have enough money to feed and clothe the four of us who were still at home at that time.

Beautiful Photos provided by QUIT.

STYLE SESSIONS // Beth Jansen Talks Photoshoots Made Right


So, we all know family photo shoots can be absolutely dreadful.  It begins with the styling of the entire family. You may have this unattainable desire to somehow appear like the Beckhams, where coolness just oozes through their effortless clothing selections. More realistically however,  you’re probably finding yourself lost, as you stare at your children’s daily selections of Under Armour and Old Navy clearance items. So you ask yourself, “How in the world do I make everyone appear cool and comfortable, gorgeous and amazing? ” And that is the goal right? Let me help!  I’ve done a shoot or two (thousand) and I can give you some tips on ‘gorgeous’ and ‘amazing’ or at least ‘cool’ and comfortable’.

First and most importantly, go shopping!

Photo shoots are an investment–so invest in them.  This is not the time to say, “this will probably work..”
You won’t regret falling in love with the outfits you get for the kids.  It will make the images more beautiful with great outfit selections.


Homogenous photo shoots were very 1980-1990s – I don’t remember the last time I dressed our family of 4 in the same exact outfit, so why in the hell would you do if for a photo shoot?


So bolds go with bolds (patterns and all), don’t mix bold colors with your son with pastels with your daughter!  But patterns and solids go just fine together.  Don’t fear that the floral on a dress will trump the gingham on your son’s shirt!
Allow your eye to flow up and down the entire body.  If everyone wears jeans or khakis your eyes will gravitate to the waist – where the change is so obvious.  Let it flow, dresses and skirts are perfect for girls, especially because if you have sons they’ll likely be in jeans or shorts (unless you are Scottish of course;).


I always say more is more, so this is the time for jewelry, jackets, cute scarves, great shoes, hats etc.  Since clothing can be pretty basic for boys adding layers creates dimension and interest.  And I PROMISE it won’t take away from their gorgeous faces! Same goes with styling up the house.


Unless you’re at a wedding or Easter mass there is no need to be incredibly formal, kids will feel more natural in casual clothing!  And if the kids feel like themselves – they may actually smile like themselves. Playing dress up also comes natural- so follow your wee one’s lead and it’s likely that is likely where the magic will be made.

BETH RECOMMENDS: H&M, NextDirect, Zara, CrewCuts (and when all else fails Target puts everyone else to shame with their cuteness).

Beth Jansen is OKC’s Premier Children’s Photographer, and can be booked for Fall Sessions NOW HERE.

HOME // An Artful Representation of Oklahoma Icons


Come “HOME” with talented Tulsa Photographer Jamie Alsabrook and Stylist Stacy Suvino in their edgy artistic representation of Oklahoma Icons of the past.

What was the basic “inspo for the show”: Oklahoma Enthusiast –Mary Beth Babcock (Owner of Dwelling Spaces) saw the fashion blog images Stacy and I have done on Stacy’s fashion blog and contacted us about doing a show together. She said she wanted to feature more female artists. We decided what Stacy and I do best is fashion, and what Dwelling Spaces does best is Oklahoma. So we knew it needed to incorporate the two. That is how we decided on doing fashion portraits of famous Oklahomans. I kept thinking about how Mary Beth said she wanted to feature more women. I thought it might be fun to do mostly male characters played by females, therefore androgyny arose as another goal. The characters are: Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, The Outsiders, Lee Hazelwood, Brad Pitt, Mickey Mantle, and Wanda Jackson (yes, there is one female).
What did you hope to Achieve: Hope to achieve a likeness of the character but also keep an element of that woman’s femininity. I suppose its a bit of an empowerment thing.
Who was involved? Stacy and I have done all of the planning, styling, etc. We’ve had Jordan Best, Tony Li, and Dana Ferguson involved in make up and hair. And we’ve had a total of 9 models- some professional and some friends.
What have you learned in putting this together? Making someone look masculine is very easy, making someone look feminine is very easy. A combination of the two is tricky. Also, I have learned that women aren’t a huge fan of stripping their femininity away (big eyes, big hair, tight clothes).
Join the Tulsa creative community in celebrating the edge these Creatives are bringing to the scene at Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa Saturday August 16 (6:00pm) -Sunday August 17th (8:00pm).
You can join the Facebook invite here.

LEAD ON // Earning Your Position


Why would anyone want to follow you? Why do people follow you?

Do they do it because you have earned it, or do they do it out of positional deference?

You are fooling yourself if you think the old “do it because I said so” is still effective.
Leadership in organizations today is shifting from positional deference (I follow you only because you have the title of ‘boss’; my loyalty to you is low) to relational capital (I follow you because you know who I am and we both support each other in being successful; my loyalty is high).  Leaders who intentionally shift their mindsets and behaviors to include building meaningful relationships with their people are experiencing the biggest returns, both in productivity and creativity.

Building relationships with the people on your team doesn’t mean having beers after work or buying cupcakes (although some would argue these are good things too). What it does mean is an increased, intentional effort to deepen your understanding of who the people on your team are, and what they need from you. Building relationships is no longer a “soft skill” of early management theory; rather it is a foundational leadership competency for modern management and leadership.

Here is a list of 5 simple, practical, things you can implement with your team right away:

•    Investment Mindset: Coach yourself and consider what it takes to be an effective, respected leader that people want to follow. Shift your mindset to viewing people and relationships as an investment in the future of your business and the future of your effectiveness as a leader. Relationships invested in today will yield both short and long-term results. Relationships ignored will limit long-term results.

•    Use the Margins of Your Day: Use the margins of your day (before meetings, after meetings, walking around the office, coffee breaks, etc.) to intentionally slow down, and connect with people in your office and on your team. Show up for meetings early to form those connections. Walk back to your office or cubicle with someone versus bolting out of the meeting alone.

•    Hide Your Screens: When you are in a meeting, or in a 1:1 meeting, put your screens away. Turn your phone off or turn it over; don’t let incoming messages and auditory signals be a distraction. Turn off your computer. Don’t meet in a location where you can see your computer/emails. If you use your IPad or laptop to take notes, turn off email notifications. This will help you stay focused on the conversation and relationship. For some of you, I would recommend wearing a watch again (remember those?). If you solely rely on your phone as your timepiece, then you are looking at your phone more often than you should, which again, creates distraction and lack of focus on the relationship.

•   P-I-T: Personal-Interpersonal-Task. Practice starting conversations by connecting personally and interpersonally first before you move on to a task. A personal connection is as simple as inquiring about the other person’s personal interests (hobbies, family, work accomplishments). An interpersonal connection is related to things you have in common (the meeting you both went to last week, or a shared outside interest). After you have connected personally/interpersonally, then you move to the task at hand.  This type of connection will take you 2 minutes or less.

•    Ask for Feedback: Ask your direct reports or colleagues: What can I Keep Doing/Stop Doing/ Start Doing, to be a better boss/leader/colleague to you? This one requires you to be open and accepting of the feedback. If you get defensive at the feedback, you will decrease your relational capital very quickly. If you don’t get any responses to these questions, it may be symptomatic of people being fearful or uncertain about what you will do with the feedback.

A few small actions, spent in the margins of your day, are a low risk investment considering the potential returns. Knowing that your role as a leader is dynamic and shifting will help you adapt to the new and emerging needs of your business and the workforce you depend on so greatly.

Grow Your leaders, Propel Your Business
Dr. Shanna Teel & Company