FOOD FOR ALL // A Collective Movement to Solve Oklahoma’s Hunger Problem


There is a new team in town bringing “POSSIBLE” solutions to what most would consider “IMPOSSIBLE” social problems. MADE POSSIBLE is a social action community that creates specific ways to make more good possible for people and the planet, an increase in happiness of humankind being a direct byproduct of these efforts. MADE POSSIBLE’s first project is the Food For All truck, a sustainable position on solving the hunger crisis which faces over 25% of Oklahomans.

The project heroes for this social good platform are found in A Good Egg Dining Group, First National Bank of Oklahoma and Whole Foods.

  • A Good Egg Dining Group will run the truck, staff the truck, maintain the truck in other words all things truck. This beloved Oklahoma restaurant group eagerly signed up to donate time, money, resources and sustaining support by spearheading the “Food For All” program.
  • Whole Foods Market will provide the food, nutritional resources and volunteer manpower.
  • First National Bank of Oklahoma is helping secure the physical truck. Now that’s a community bank DOING things for community!

What does a “Food For All” truck do?

  1. Provides lifetime funding support with 100% of net proceeds from food truck sales going directly to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
  2. Serves complimentary nutritious meals to Oklahoma at-risk children in need every month
  3. Provides education on the value and importance of nutrition and balanced eating through cooking demonstrations, volunteerism and distributed materials
  4. Finally adds an A Good Egg Dining option to our local food truck event scene serving foods sourced from the highest quality, sustainable sustenance from Whole Foods Market Oklahoma City

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 Made Possible’s  Co-Founder Adrian Young’s inspiring voice of reason provides insights on how Oklahomans can pull together (exactly 6,500 Oklahomans at $5 a head) to solve the local hunger crisis.

What most excites you about this project receiving funding?  

The overall validation that making more “good” happen will have on, by and for community, is truly possible. The affirmation that people value teaming up with businesses and causes to participate together in projects rooted in common good outcomes. The fruits of believing and empowering people to connect with each other around a critical cause: solving Oklahoma’s hunger problem.

The MADE POSSIBLE movement was created to forge a social action community comprised of doers of good – YOU. We want to serve as a hub of connection in making good happen. By connecting people with each other and giving our local #WHATIF possibilities a place to live and grow, we turn social problems into MADE POSSIBLE success stories. When local companies connect to projects of purpose that resonate with the communities they serve, we collaboratively create change at a grassroots level.

“I believe in people, I believe in their desire to make more good happen and I believe projects like Food For All bring people together to create tangible outcomes collectively is a wonderful way to live in community.”


The Food For All project is not about a fundraising effort to build out a food truck, it is about Oklahomans participating together to help solve Oklahoma’s hunger problem. It’s about an effort that inserts the epidemic of children going to bed hungry into our mainstream culture. The fact that 1 in 4 Oklahoman children struggle with hunger is not a sideline topic. This is a front and center problem we ALL have the means to solve. The Food For All food truck being present at our favorite events, helps keep the conversation top of mind and integrated into our culture. As this solution rolls out, we will all be participating in building this vessel for the good of community and sharing how the impact of each “doers” $5 contribution continues to feed forward.


Or Join their WHEELS ON THE GROUND event at The Bleu Garten October 15, 2015!

Photos provided on behalf of A Good Egg Dining Group, photographed by Choate House.