HOME // An Artful Representation of Oklahoma Icons


Come “HOME” with talented Tulsa Photographer Jamie Alsabrook and Stylist Stacy Suvino in their edgy artistic representation of Oklahoma Icons of the past.

What was the basic “inspo for the show”: Oklahoma Enthusiast –Mary Beth Babcock (Owner of Dwelling Spaces) saw the fashion blog images Stacy and I have done on Stacy’s fashion blog and contacted us about doing a show together. She said she wanted to feature more female artists. We decided what Stacy and I do best is fashion, and what Dwelling Spaces does best is Oklahoma. So we knew it needed to incorporate the two. That is how we decided on doing fashion portraits of famous Oklahomans. I kept thinking about how Mary Beth said she wanted to feature more women. I thought it might be fun to do mostly male characters played by females, therefore androgyny arose as another goal. The characters are: Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, The Outsiders, Lee Hazelwood, Brad Pitt, Mickey Mantle, and Wanda Jackson (yes, there is one female).
What did you hope to Achieve: Hope to achieve a likeness of the character but also keep an element of that woman’s femininity. I suppose its a bit of an empowerment thing.
Who was involved? Stacy and I have done all of the planning, styling, etc. We’ve had Jordan Best, Tony Li, and Dana Ferguson involved in make up and hair. And we’ve had a total of 9 models- some professional and some friends.
What have you learned in putting this together? Making someone look masculine is very easy, making someone look feminine is very easy. A combination of the two is tricky. Also, I have learned that women aren’t a huge fan of stripping their femininity away (big eyes, big hair, tight clothes).
Join the Tulsa creative community in celebrating the edge these Creatives are bringing to the scene at Dwelling Spaces in Tulsa Saturday August 16 (6:00pm) -Sunday August 17th (8:00pm).
You can join the Facebook invite here.

SHOP STORY : Bison + Bear’s Resurgence

In Issue2, we shed a little more light in the direction of the Fashionable Male.

Tulsa specialty shop, Bison + Bear,  brings Quality American Made Goods to the forefront of styled vignettes and the modern Kinfolk vibed scene.

To celebrate their recent move from their pop up store in the Philcade to the unique Philtower, we scored a little convo with Co-Owner Shane Hood and got the scoop behind the store’s authentic mission and their recent media glory brought about by the one and only Martha.


Why Bison + Bear? the name?

The Bison and Bear are two classic American animals that you can still find in Oklahoma. Both have experienced a certain level of difficulty remaining in their natural habitat, but through preservation efforts they have been able to experience a sort of resurgence. We felt this went hand in hand with what we were interested in in terms of American manufacturing and small batch manufacturers. There is a renewed interest in where your products come from and how they are made.

Something similar to a resurgence.



The shop is well curated and shoppers can vibe the items you carry were carefully selected….can you tell us about some of your key brands?

We focus on Quality American Made Goods. Manufacturers that are 100 years old and others that are 2 years old. We have wool blankets from a mill in Iowa that has been in operation since 1857, and we carry aftershave from a company that just opened its doors in 2011.

Ebbets Field Flannels produced period authentic ballcaps in Seattle, Washington. Their hats are based of long ago defunct minor league baseball teams. We try to keep it regional with our selection and currently carry several hats from KC and Houston to the 1935 Oklahoma City Indians. (the OKC Indians play up until 1957).

We are very excited about our new partnership with Mollyjogger, a company out of Northwest Arkansas. They currently have a good sized display of their goods in our shop. Their products are  based on the history of the hunting, fishing and camping tourism industry of the white river which runs through Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri.


When I stopped in– I caught wind of a little love of your store from Martha Stewart….can you tell us about this?!

An individual that works with Martha Stewart in their American Made initiative is originally from here in Tulsa. She had come into our shop several times while visiting home. they photographed several items in the shop that were then featured on their instagram feed americanmademsl. This then snowballed into them calling me and having me on Martha Stewart Live on their Sirius/Xm radio station. We talked for 20 minutes about the shop, resurgence of small batch manufacturers and the maker scene in Tulsa.

It was nice to see our hard work pay off when someone else notices.


Tell us about your excitement related to moving the shop from Philcade to Philtower?

We have known for about a year that we were running out of space in our original pop-up space. We were grateful to Kanbar, the owners of the Philtower, to allow us to stick around after the initial 2011 holiday pop-up ups, however the Philcade lacked a few things that we really wanted. First and foremost a front door. Anyone that ever came to our shop could attest to the fact that it could be like a maze. We had a great storefront, but no front door, our shop was also about 140 sq. ft, we needed more space. We also wanted our own stand alone shop. We found all of this plus our interest in supporting the Deco District in the Philtower right across the street. I personally was thrilled to get back open and showcase our new spot. We fell like it is more along the lines of what we wanted Bison and Bear to be. We were able to make this spot be what we wanted while the other spot made us be what it allowed.



What do you find most OkieDudes need to hear or what are some of the most helpful tips you lean toward lending more often?

Just be cognizant of the fact that everything around you is designed and made by someone. And that your dollar is very powerful. Spent locally, and with small business owners, designers and makers you can have an incredible effect on a local economy.

Be mindful of what you purchase, how it is made, the materials, techniques and quality with which it is made.



All Photos provided by Bison + Bear. Interview with Shane Hood, shop Co-Owner.

Tea Time | A conversation with Tulsa Photographer Jeremy Charles.


If you don’t know who Jeremy Charles is, consider this an introduction. A sought out Tulsa based Photographer, Jeremy has built a solid brand around world class musicians, the music scene, advertising, architecture and a unique glorification of “Real People”. Jeremy, with his buddy, Photographer, Travis Hall, are the eyes and perspectives behind the uber cool Black Mesa project we will be highlighting soon.

A few months back, Jeremy and I met up to shoot a piece for the upcoming Issue2, and I turned on my recorder to catch our candid sit down tea time for the sake of my own personal history.  We had tea in colorful maison style cups, hopped around topics like crazy convo chasers, but in the end, there is something deeply special in sharing personal philosophies over tea…I admire this guy and his go against the grain, Henry Rollins bold strength in voice, yet sensitive approach in exchange with other humans, both artistically and conversationally.


Jeremy has no “secrets”, he shares openly with new photographers and excluded from this audio cut, he reiterates how the “poisoning of the ego” can be found in every artistic medium, and how always wanting more of his work keeps him in a state of humility.

In this conversation, he adds how he just joined his Journey as a Full Time Photographer in the last couple of years and opens authentically about not knowing what the future holds.


 Listen close as Jeremy is soft spoken but poignant in delivery, we walk all the way to the tea kettle and back to keep it on the real dial.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and be introduced to one of Tulsa’s epic visual artists.

And while you’re at it, pop over to his his site to get a little more personal on his world here.

Tea Time | a conversation with Photographer Jeremy Charles. from OKIEMAMA on Vimeo.

Aimee Tietze Adams is a Photographer, Writer, and Editor of OKIEMAMA Magazine.

Runners High with DeAnna Cooper

This weeks Art of Convo offers an interview with Marathoner DeAnna Cooper, a Tulsa Native. DeAnna has ran numerous marathons and assisted motivating and running with many first time marathoners as they attempted their first. We asked DeAnna about what inspired her to begin running, and how she stays energized through those long runs.

What led you to being a runner and joining into the marathon way of life….
I first started walking/running while I was an elementary teacher in Broken Arrow. After school, a group of teachers would either walk around the playground or if it was cold outside we would walk the hallways. We started signing up for 5k’s and just walking them. This was a great way to get to know each other and a great way to get some exercise. We even walked the entire Tulsa Run! Then I believe it was the St Patrick’s Day 5K about 10 years ago that I saw my friend Dawn Knight-Rice and she was going to run. it I am a little competitive so I thought if she can run it so can I! I started running 5k’s and then had a friend who was leading a marathon training group with Fleet Feet. She suggested that I train for a marathon and so I signed up and ran the Oklahoma City Marathon. I have had several people ask if I attempted a half marathon before doing the marathon distance. I did not, but I do know that some people prefer to try a half first. My personality, however, is to just jump in and try any adventure and therefore I didn’t even think about doing the half distance first! It really helped having a good coach, Katherine White aka Captain InsaneO, who taught me all about listening to my body and at the same time to challenge and push myself.

How many marathons have you participated in?
I have ran 11 marathon, New York will be my 12th. I always said that I would only do 10 marathons, but then a few friends encouraged me to do Chicago with them last year and then when you get the opportunity to New York you pretty much just have to do it.
I also have completed several half marathons and a handful of duathlons. [Read more…]

OK->LA Tate Wittenberg

OKLA Episode2 TateWittenberg 1280 from OKIEMAMA on Vimeo.

Join us for Episode 2 of our Pilot Webseries OK-LA with Raisin Cains Director, Tate Wittenberg.

Tate talks about his favorite place on earth in Tulsa and introduces his spirited companion Roxy to our audience.

Enjoy and remember to share any names of awesome Okies in the California area for our upcoming OK->LA Production Mixer.