Tea Time | A conversation with Tulsa Photographer Jeremy Charles.


If you don’t know who Jeremy Charles is, consider this an introduction. A sought out Tulsa based Photographer, Jeremy has built a solid brand around world class musicians, the music scene, advertising, architecture and a unique glorification of “Real People”. Jeremy, with his buddy, Photographer, Travis Hall, are the eyes and perspectives behind the uber cool Black Mesa project we will be highlighting soon.

A few months back, Jeremy and I met up to shoot a piece for the upcoming Issue2, and I turned on my recorder to catch our candid sit down tea time for the sake of my own personal history.  We had tea in colorful maison style cups, hopped around topics like crazy convo chasers, but in the end, there is something deeply special in sharing personal philosophies over tea…I admire this guy and his go against the grain, Henry Rollins bold strength in voice, yet sensitive approach in exchange with other humans, both artistically and conversationally.


Jeremy has no “secrets”, he shares openly with new photographers and excluded from this audio cut, he reiterates how the “poisoning of the ego” can be found in every artistic medium, and how always wanting more of his work keeps him in a state of humility.

In this conversation, he adds how he just joined his Journey as a Full Time Photographer in the last couple of years and opens authentically about not knowing what the future holds.


 Listen close as Jeremy is soft spoken but poignant in delivery, we walk all the way to the tea kettle and back to keep it on the real dial.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and be introduced to one of Tulsa’s epic visual artists.

And while you’re at it, pop over to his his site to get a little more personal on his world here.

Tea Time | a conversation with Photographer Jeremy Charles. from OKIEMAMA on Vimeo.

Aimee Tietze Adams is a Photographer, Writer, and Editor of OKIEMAMA Magazine.